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Week Five

June 29, 2011

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week:

  • Summer Squash,(on rotation)
  • Bulls Blood Beets
  • Detroit & Bulls Blood beet greens
  • Carrots
  • Stir Fry Mix
  • Hakurei Turnips
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Swiss Chard
  • Scotch Kale
  • Sorrel
  • Red Wing Lettuce Mix (seeds from Baker Creek)
  • Cimmarron Romaine ( is an heirloom from the 18th century. Also called Little Leprechaun.)
  • Curly Cress

Fruit Shares:

  • Strawberries (pesticide free)
  • Lemons( conventionally grown in the orchard that Lynn’s brother lives in)
  • ? Tangerines,Ventura Ca
  • Pixie Tangerines,Ojai Ca.
  • Apricots (local Leeds)
  • Stock, flowers that smell great from the fields in Ventura Ca.

I am blessed to still have my dear Dad around,alive,healthy,and still going strong.His nick name was “Red Wright” he grew up farming in upstate New York and one of the reasons we are named “Red Acre”.We celebrated his 90th birthday on Sunday at his favorite restaurant on the beach in Ventura California.

We went the “back way” stopping at as many farms as we could to learn,visit and forage for our fruit shares.It felt good to see that the good news with real estate coming to a halt is that there is still open space,farm land and food being grown locally in Southern California. The strawberries and lemons are from the same farm as before. The Tangerines are Pixies from Ojai and the other variety I failed to remember.We tasted both and disagreed as to which one was the best. All farmers with faces and just picked fresh fruit.

Ideas for, Eating, Cutting, Cooking , and Keeping the New stuff:

Beets First thing’s first with beets: don’t throw away the tops!They are not WEEDS! Beet greens are a sister to Swiss chard (they are, in fact, almost the same plant except beets are bred to develop a fat storage root, whereas chard is bred to produce leaves). Beet greens can be enjoyed a million ways, just like chard, kale, or any other cooking green. In fact there’s a great recipe – – that uses both your beet greens and your beets in a risotto.Please, Symbria put that one on the exchange! Like other roots, the root of the beet will last the longest in the fridge if you cut the greens off and store them separately in plastic bag. If you don’t get around to eating your beets right away, never fear: they’ll hold up for weeks in the fridge. “If you’ve ever read Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume, you know the magical powers of beets.”I know I love beets especially roasted! But am yet to read this book.

Summer Squash Just a sampling of what is too come.On rotation means ,that only those with the last names that begin with A-G take there share this week. We continue to rotate through the season.

Stir Fry Mix A smaller version of the Asian greens you have been getting individually this season but in a seed mix,smaller a bit wilder and no Tokoy Bekana .Nancy, a Share Holder shared this excellent recipe for any green. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Wilted-Asian-Greens-108352


You keep asking and we keep telling you, YES, we love ,adore appreciate and NEED help. So many of you have come and continue to come regularly to work. Just let us know time and day or if it is something you or your family wants to do specifically. Harvesting ,planting etc. what ever. Last year we had Families that adopted a row and weeded that row for the entire season.We just can not say THANK YOU enough.

We support local and are in debt to the Shakespeare festival for giving this community an opportunity to see the best.We are so fortunate to have talent from all over the country right here in such a small town. The festival has been so good to us.Last year they wanted to purchase potatoes for “Diary of Anne Frank” We loved having a few Share Holders from the festival last season but this year we have even more: actors,costumers,and more. They let Sara put a flier in every ones mail box this year!

Their season begins this week. Tickets are half off to Iron County residents Monday through Thursday, day of the show.Go if you have been before,go if you have never been. Do not miss it, take family,take a friend take company that’s visiting. We will see you there.

Supporting local together with you,

Symbria,Sara, and Lynn


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