Weekly Weed Archive

Week Fourteen

August 15, 2012

Photo by Abe Fawson

Farm News,

The best news is that we here thunder every day ,then the most gorgeous clouds roll in and the rain starts  coming down . It looks beautiful out here. For those of you who pick up at the Farmer’s Markets you will just have to imagine it as I do not have a camera to take a picture. We have been finishing  planting your Thanksgiving Basket this past week,getting the hoop houses ready to extend the season,and ready for a frost if we have to be.Yes, we have had frost here on the 15th of August! It is hard to believe that all this lush green in a month or so will be gone. We will have plenty stored for Fall shares: onions,squash,potatoes,root crops and even tomatoes will be harvested green and keep ripening inside.

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week

  • Summer Squash,Costata Romanesco,Zephyrs,Geode,Golden Zucchini’s,Lemon ,Scallops
  • Eggplant,Ping Tungs,Rosa Biancas,Thai White Ribbed,Yellow Egg
  • Onions,Walla Wallas
  • Beans,yellow,purple and green
  • Cucumbers,Lemon,Armenian,Traditional
  • Peppers,Bell,Italian Frying,Poblanos,
  • Peppers,Cayenne,Habanero
  • Tomatoes,a rainbow of heirlooms
  • Carrots
  • Arugula
  • Celery

Fruit Share:

All Organic and all local  from Alis in La Verikin

  • Peaches, White & Orange
  • Plums
  • Figs
  • Grapes

Cheese Share:

Week 14 and YES another new cheese! Blue and it is gooood. You have not yet had Carphilly either and we have that as well in case you are not a Blue lover.

What is new and what to do with it:

Nothing totally new. It is all about variety now. We grow old favorites,bring back heirlooms and try varieties we have never grown before.  Who needs or has time for a recipe .

I keep an eggplant by the stove slice it thin and toss with onions ,garlic and squash in olive oil. Slice a tomato a little  sea salt and I am happy.Add cucumber,beans and feta and I have a meal. Cream of celery soup. Onions butter broth and celery.Anything, except the beans,yes the figs too on a pizza .Eggs get the greens if not in a smoothie .We freeze the peaches and figs to sweeten up the green smoothies. Figs and peaches to nosh on or over our raw goat yogurt in the morning. It is all good!

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