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Week Nine

November 28, 2012


The first year we did our baskets the week of Thanksgiving with out a thought of it actually being” Thanksgiving.”I could not believe the bounty and the success Sara had.The next year we printed a menu and recipes because I KNEW there was enough to make a feast not to mention the pair share basket had $50 worth of organic produce at the going rate. This year we were so excited with more Shareholders then ever.Then to add all the extras and even offer them to the public! Thank You.We had a wonderful response.It was a great idea until we decided to go to that biodynamic conference 13 days before  Thanksgiving basket share day.

What I hope you READ more then anything is this.

Finding out about the conference at too late a date to put it in the budget and probably would not have anyway meant no chance of going.With several people encouraging us to ask for donations we decided to ask and not use a credit card. Which by the way Sara wants everyone to know she was never going to do that, that was my bad idea.

So just before share day on Wednesday we sent an email out to ask for donations.The jar we put out was being stuffed with cash and we were being handed checks.Surprised and inspired as we were hoping for just gas money and we would come up with the conference fee. I went in and sent another email to the rest of our shareholders, one shareholder suggested we put a way for people to pay online. I did, as well as sending a request to friends too. WOW! literally an instant response.I can not tell you how exciting it was for Sara and us to watch those emails come in . Each time someone donated it was truly a gift . One of the farmers markets we sell at sent it to there entire data base! Now not only share holders and friends were contributing but total strangers! We are so humbled,so appreciative the response was truly overwhelming ,embarrassing actually.To quote Sara”I am really loved. I feel so loved.People really do care about what is happening to their food to farms and to farmers.” Can I just Thank You here, what teenager these days would not be better off just feeling and knowing they are a little more loved.

Just for a bit of accountability so you know that Sara really does not take this for granted and feels strongly that this is “your” money to be used wisely.  I suggested on Sunday morning flying  because we had more then enough money.But Sara said “NO it is less expensive to drive and I feel like we are supposed to drive ” She was right.

First ,it was less expensive. Gas was $3.03 a gallon( with higher octane )in the mid west a perfect use for gmo corn,Ethanol. Gone 8 days 7 nights only 3 of those nights while at the conference did we sleep in a motel.Thanks to a friend whom Sara called and insisted on finding us online  the least expensive room humanely possible it was only $149 total tax included all 3 nights!Yes, it was clean and safe.Sleeping in our van was cozy.Sara had made a bed that felt softer then my bed at home.She also made sure before we left that we had all our own food and yes she made it. We ate out 3 times and that’s because a farmer we met who’s only income is not from farming bought us dinner one night. I admit I am not nor have ever been very frugal but you go Sara.

Secondly yes, we were supposed to drive. Sara had never been to that part of the United States. Everything she has seen in videos read and learned about was there in living color.

Seriously this country food wise is a real mess.For over 12 hrs solid driving and billions of acres nothing but CORN & SOY &CORN & SOY! Did I mention CORN & SOY. .The farms are almost sterile looking,no gardens ,no animals every town has a Wall mart and a chemical company so farmers can pick up their tanks of spray( like the ones in King Corn). I felt like holding my breath. Can you imagine the layer of Round Up in the air. Sara wanted to knock on their door and suggest they grow some ancient grain.If these people ever needed or wanted to eat, how would they? And can that land grow nutritious food? It was the most symbolic experience of my life . Literally while we are driving threw this food dessert of nothing but GMO feed,seed and yes sweet corn and soy our share holders,yes you, were being given GMO locally grown corn in you’re share baskets.  As decorations only. What else could we do once we had it and found out what it was . We will not feed that to animals.  That is a story I have not yet told but is better for another time.

Here we were driving to a workshop on a farm at the edge of these thousands of acres of GMO /Round up ready crops  who he and his farther had both bought into big ag and all that goes with it. Now for almost 20 years he has been healing his land in Illinois and his farm. Delivering 1700 shares a week and running a  nonprofit learning center.Promoting and teaching others how to do the same with Biodynamic Agriculture.What a treat what a privilege to be with Farmer John Peterson at Angelic OrganicsInspiring and life changing especially for Sara. What we took back from this whole experience was worth all the time and every penny donated. What we learned about and how to heal and protect our earth by using a simple homoptahic way to fertilize .Steiners Biodynamic approach was one of the first systematic attempts to develop an organic farming system in response to the encroaching power of the industrial agricultural movement. He repeatedly observed  that everything in nature is interdependent. Not just soil but bees,dairycows.Organic does not mean what it used to and Biodynamic can pick up where organic got sold out. Sara says “farming,and growing and raising the best food possible  is what she is doing for the rest of her life “time can only tell that story.

I believe with all my heart Sara will always be a contributing good person to her community .Thank You Thank You from the bottom of our hearts,tip of our toes THANK YOU!


We walked in the door the night before share day and “Thanksgiving Baskets” were to all be delivered and picked up. So grateful for Lynn staying home to make it possible for us to go. We could not have gone without the volunteer help that came that week.

But almost lost it because we/Sara did not give enough direction or leave enough instructions. She was so concerned. Sara new what these baskets could and should have looked like .The only problem was she was the only one who did know.

So we are saying thank you for making it possible for us to go to the conference.Sorry that Thanksgiving Baskets were not what they were  supposed to be or as much as she would have harvested for shares. Thank You for all your understanding and patience. Share Day not being ready ,not having everything out and for deliveries being so late.

I wish I could just show you a video of how much Sara cares . It was quite the night, day and afternoon when she fully realized her shares were not what she wanted them to be. This is her business and she cares more then I could ever convey with my poor ability of words that I am attempting here to use.Her desire to give you all the very best and nothing less. She just about gave up when it could not be what she knew it could be. So as long as I got the message to you that it was not exactly the way it should have been and Sara is more then sorry and unhappy about that. We are good!

We have survived, everyone received their basket last one delivered 10 pm Wednesday night. As much fun as it was meeting you at your home and seeing where many of you live I know we will never offer home deliveries! Thanksgiving day the 3 of us sat down and ate a meal that was all organic and from the farm made by the farmer Sara .Okay so it was 11 pm when we ate and after 20 min we went and got a table cloth covered the table not putting one thing away and went to bed!


We have made time to go up to our mountains to gather beautiful greens and offer wreaths and swags this season.

These wreaths and swags are all one of a kind and come in several sizes. Each is hand crafted, and hand harvested.  These real life, natural boughs will look great hanging on your doors.  The small wreaths would also be great on a table with a candle in the center.  They make a great gift or hostess gift for your holiday parties. With swags only costing $5!

WREATHS:12″ for $15 18″ for $25 &  24″ for $30

SWAGS: $5 ,$7 and $15.

They will be for sale at the Farmers Markets:St George this Friday night at Ancestor Square 4 to 7 pm.Cedar City, Saturday 9 to noon 905 South Main. Or come by the Farm. We can also deliver your wreath or swag you order with your share basket next week.

You can purchase them at Ali’s Organics and Back Yard Garden’s and Gifts.

By this weekend you can order online.

While supply lasts.Limited number made

ONE MORE WEEK AFTER THISFOR THE SEASON .Last share day for the season next Wednesday ,December 5th here at the farm.

 Last delivery next week, Thursday ,December 6th Back Yard Garden and Gifts and Alis Organic’s 2 pm.

Saturday,December 8th Cedar City Farmers Market 9 to noon

NEXT SEASONWinter/Spring Shares sign up available. Online this weekend.Let us know and pay on share day next week and save 3%

Photo by Abe Fawson

Photo by Abe Fawson

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week?

  • Water Cress
  • Salsify
  • Swiss Chard
  • Onions
  • Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Winter Squash
  • Onions

Fruit Share:

  • Pomegranates
  • Persimmons, you are getting the really ripe ones now
  • Pears,from Palisade Colorado

Cheese Share:

  •  Choose from Cherve , Pumpkin Spice or Cranberry

What is new and what to do with it?

Salsify,We grew this once 2 years ago. Black and White. The,ugly,hairy,thin skinny vegetable in you’re basket.A root vegetable belonging to the dandelion family, salsify is also known as the oyster plant because of its oystery taste when cooked. The root is similar in appearance to a long, thin parsnip, with creamy white flesh and a thick skin. In the same way as many root vegetables, salsify can be boiled, mashed or used in soups and stews.

I have no recipe to share as I have not yet cooked with it.
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