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Week One

October 8, 2012

Photo by Abe Fawson

Farm News,

We left Sunday September 9th for the Heirloom Expo in Northern California. Would love to write about that. Came home on Friday needed to harvest for shares and 3 Farmers Markets on Saturday. Then the Farm to Fork Dinner on Monday.

Not just Farm but Farmer . I made a comment about Sara not being there .It was my attempt at sarcasm. She had been,prepping,harvesting and cooking for 2 1/2 days!That menu was amazing.What an unbelievable job she did. Thank You to those who came the day after and helped cleaned up.Then  it was time to do Shares again.

So the last 3 baskets of summer had no newsletter. Of course that is when there is the most news is when there is no time to write it.Seriously, how do these other CSA Farmers take time to  blog and write books?

First Fall Share!Yes, it is fall with a basket that has a touch of Summer left in it.
This is my favorite season,you get what is left of summer, lots to store and a return of what feels like spring.
Welcome to new Share Holders,those returning and thank you to those who continue to support local,organic, and eat the best food grown around these parts.

What’s In Your Basket This Week?

  • Summer Squash: Scallop,Peter Pan,Pattisson Stire Melange,Zucchini Golden & Black Beauty,Costata Romanesco,Zephyr,Lemon &Round Geode to choose from.
  • Eggplant,Japanese and Rosa Bianca
  • Tomatillos,purple & green
  • Watermelons, Golden Midget,Blacktail Mountain & Sugar babys to choose from.
  • Peas,shelling
  • Carrots,Snow White
  • Radishes,Helios Yellow
  • Apples,heirloom

Photo by Abe Fawson

Fruit Share:

  • Water Melons,Our melons,Golden Midget,Blacktail Mountain & Sugar babys.Not as sweet because of the rain.
  • Apples,Pink Ladies from a local orchard and a Share Holder very minimal fertilizer


Cheese Share:

  • Choose from Havarti or Gouda this week

Ideas for Eating,Cutting,Cooking and Keeping the new stuff:

This week if you are not ready to say good by to Summer slice your melon, mandolin you summer squash for a fresh raw salad,slice and grill on the bbq your eggplant and carrots and make some Salsa Verde for chip dipping.
Ready for Fall?Slow roast in the oven carrots,summer squash,radishes and apples drizzled with molasses and a slice of Sara’s hot bread.
Summer Squash,This is the squash that gets continually picked all summer and we are at the end.Not a long keeper like the winter squash you will be getting.If put in the fridge it will last a couple of weeks.Slice ,chop or grate in stir fry,eggs,sauces,smoothies,pancakes,muffins or just eat like an apple.
Eggplant,A summer crop we were still able to harvest .These varieties are not the bitter large egg shape ones. Keep in the fridge and good even when wrinkled.Grated,chopped or sliced in stir fry,sauces and yes we put eggplant in muffins and pancakes too.
Tomatillos,The tomato you husk that looks like Japanese Lanterns.Roast,cook or eat raw a bit tarter then tomatoes.Good keepers in the fridge husk on.I have given you an EASY recipe for Salsa verde. Salsa verde is a generic term for “green sauce”,  and virtually every cuisine has one, and the “verde” can come from many different sources.
Peas, Our fall is like spring.We just eat them raw in salad or toss in a sauce and eat on pasta.
White Carrots, Snow White a delicious, mild-sweet taste, great raw or cooked. White varieties were common in the middle ages through the 19th century but then became scarce.White carrots are again becoming popular  after many years of neglect by the commercial seed trade.
Radishes,Helios ,Yellow, rare this heirloom came from Alzbeta Kovacova-Pecarova of Kosice, Czechoslovakia. We dip our radishes in whipped butter then pink salt.
Apples,These are original pioneer apple varieties we hand picked from the Matheson orchard here in Cedar City. He fertilizes occasionally but no weed killer or insecticides
Salsa Verde
  • 2 pounds tomatillos, shucked, well rinsed and roasted
  • ½ white onion, peeled and cut in half
  • 4 cloves garlic, roasted
  • ½ cup cilantro leaves, tightly packed
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice or a drop of lime food grade essential oil
  • 1 tea pure kosher salt

Remove the outside shell from the tomatillos and wash  (they will feel waxy and sticky but this is normal). Cut the tomatillos in half and place them cut-side down on a  baking sheet.Put peeled garlic,onion and peppers on sheet as well.

Put your oven on the “broil” setting.  Place baking sheet in the oven for 8 – 10 minutes (depending on the strength of your broiler) until the skins are browned and juices are seeping out of the tomatoes.Use tongs to put the tomatoes,garlic and peppers into a blender (or food processor).Add cilantro,lime juice & salt. Blend until smooth. You can keep the salsa in the refrigerator or pour into canning jars and  process. Use as a sauce on enchiladas,eggs,or for dipping chips.

Looking forward to 10 beautiful weeks of Fall.

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