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Week Ten

December 5, 2012

The last share of the year!

Farm News,

Fresh wreaths & Swags were such a hit we made more. We will have them here at the farm on share day Wed noon to 2. Or you can order and we will have one for you. St George and Springdale  place your order and we will deliver it with your basket. For sizes and prices visit our website and click here on WREATHS.
This is the last share basket for the season for the year.
Please sign up NOW for Winter and Spring. This is the money we literally use to buy seed NOW for next year. Yes we save some seed but not enough and we are asking you to do the same with your food. Save and be part of something that our ancestors used to do that age old act of “squirreling away” storing,putting up for the colder months. All you have to do is weeks, 7 weeks to be exact .Not even that really because…
The “Back Porch” here at our farm is open. Come by anytime, 24 hours a day ,closed Sundays.It is a self serve, honor system just walk in and get what you need,items are clearly priced ,place cash or check in the jar in the fridge Closed Sundays.
For sale: Produce,milk,cheese,eggs and….If it is more convenient.We will be at the farmers Market Sat 9 to noon,closed Dec28 and Jan 5 ,905 South Main in Cedar City. St George Farmer’s Market Ancestor square,Friday 4 to 7 pm,  Dec 7, 14  & 21

PLEASE RETURN ALL BASKETS and yes BAGS. We have sentimental bags,we actually collect them and thought they would come back. We  especially would like to get back  2  bags that had pictures of national parks and a couple from whole foods as well.  QUART AND HALF GALLON JARS  too need to be returned.

Photo by Abe Fawson

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week?

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Winter Squash
  • Carrots
  • Kohlrabi
  • Kale
  • Bulls Blood,Sorrel, & Spinach Mix

Cheese Share

  • Jalapeno-Crabapple neufchatel, A spreadable soft cow cheese .Only offered here at Red Acre

Photo by Abe Fawson

Fruit Share

  • Pecans from Ali’s dads very old tree. As he said to me”You can buy them now my best customer died!
  • Apples, a mixed bag of Braeburn,Golden & Fuji certified organic from Gary at Little America Farm in New Harmony
  • Honey, as promised every fall fruit share gets a small jar 1/2 pint of honey.This is the good stuff! THEE best there is! No NOTHING in it or done to it.Local. Raw. These bees are living off  local rabbit brush,no sprayed fields.It is pricey and getting harder and harder to find.So worth it.I need time and so do you to read all that I have to say about honey.Yes,more to say about then GMO and corn and soy.The BIGGEST aha ,paradigm shift we have had is about what we thought and we wanted to do with bees. I will give you just a bit here. Honey is medicine NOT a sweetener. Use it as such. Our bees are dying off! That’s all I will say for now. 

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking, and Keeping the new stuff:

Not having ever taken Shareholders after the season started I forgot about those who have only been getting shares for 6 weeks.I write about every item in you share basket once each season. I did not write about Jerusalem Artichokes last week because we had all ready had them this season.Just look at any of the previous weeks for what to do with and how to store an item in your basket. That and Salsify in the same basket,sorry  I hope you were okay? 

It is time to look for nooks and crannies in your fridge, pantry,cupboards or even closets or under the bed!(just do not forget about hem)Out of light and dry are good rules of thumb.Potatoes,Onions,Carrots & Kolrabi  will last months at above 32 degrees. All that winter squash and pumpkin you have been getting every week that’s been piling up  likes 50 degrees.I have seen plenty of it on some of your counters . No worries it will last for months.

The Mix, This mix would be nice steamed, in a soup,made into crackers ,a smoothie or in a salad.  The red is the Bulls Blood, the dark green is the Spinach and the light green is the Sorrel. I can not believe we have not had Sorrel this season. So we had to put it in.Sorrel We like to think of this as our signature green. It is one of the few greens you will get in all 4 seasons. It is more of an herb and in the Buckwheat family. A bright lemon flavor.We use it in everything.Raw,cooked,sauteed,steamed.Citrus is not growing on trees around here so we use this in a smoothie or for juicing.It is most famous for soup.Brightens up a salad. Chiffonade in a cream sauce for pasta.Lovely in eggs.De vine in a Quiche.Wrap chicken or fish. You can use in place of spinach. Make Pesto using Sorrel instead of basil. Made into puree it can be frozen and used for later. Do you see why we love it!   Join us again and you will get plenty of it!
Kohlrabi, honestly, we just peel it, slice it, sprinkle it with salt and eat it raw. You can basically treat kohlrabi,  like a sweet, overgrown radish. Do be sure to remove all of the peel (which is really tough), unless you plan to cook it until it’s soft. Google it for endless ways to use it. It last for months in the fridge.

Today is the last day for Fall Shares.What a bitter sweet day today is. Grateful we were successful and that it is over. Sad to think that  for some of you our paths might not ever cross again. You have become friends to us.

At a time when a lot of the news is grim, we feel blessed to be part of this great experiment in eating with you. We know full well there were days when you pulled that bunch of whatever or clump of ? out of your basket and wondered, “what in the world am I going to do with  this!” We know that some of you have pushed yourself to your culinary limits with things like Jerusalem Artichokes , Onion scapes,Salsify and yes more odd greens! And we know that some of you have juggled your schedules and figured out complicated veggie carpools just to be able to pick up your share each week. We know all this takes commitment and we are deeply grateful to you for your partnership – for saying to us, and the world, “Local,clean,nutrient dense,real food matters. Family farms matter. Sustainable agriculture matters. And eating well, eating seasonally, eating as part of a community, matters.”

Thanks for all that you eat.We just can not say enough Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for supporting us and what we do.

Symbria,Lynn and Sara

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