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Farm and Farm Stand Hours – December 21- 27 2020
Monday and Tuesday, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Wednesday, 9 A.M. – 9 P.M.
Thursday, Christmas Eve, 9 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Friday, Christmas Day, Closed
Saturday, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Spring/Summer  May – October
Monday-Saturday 8 to 8

Fall/Winter  November – April
Monday-Saturday 9 to 5

We have options for all personality types. We offer a pre order option from a weekly menu be sure you get what you want and take no chances. Not everything offered in the Farm Stand is on the menu and visa versa.

We literally sold eggs, produce and animal feed out of and off our back porch/seedling room for a few years. Opened anytime and using the honor system. With the need for more space and a little privacy we built a new space here at the farm and loving named it “The Back Porch”. It’s cozy being a 12 x 12 space.

In addition to our produce and farm goods: meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, jams, local raw honey, organic whole wheat we will have seeds and plants in the spring. We now have Certified Biodynamic Malibu Compost or Cow horns if you want to make your own 500 and Stella Natura Calendars to know the perfect time to plant. Tunnel Gardens complete kits for growing year round are here. We have supplies for cheese making.We continue to sell organic chicken feed, no gmos, corn or soy grown locally.We are selling Odda Oils our only 1st Aid and made by a local family. We are selling beeswax candles made by a student and volunteer. Ceramics from our favorite potter, Sky who has yet to be discovered. I know his work is going to end up in fabulous galleries and it will not be offered at this low of a price. A few hand crafted local artisan gifts.We will have our favorite and most informative DVDs, and books to read about gardening and this great local food movement that is taking place.

Our farm stand is stocked with all kinds of seasonal cheese and  freshly harvested produce. Availability changes week to week, with the season.

We are ever evolving, so please check back frequently to see what we are up to.

* Some things we offer that is ours cost less at The Back Porch than at a Farmer’s Market in a store etc..

Quoting 2 of our very favorite farmers and mentors.

What we would like/ hope dream the The Back Porch to be to the extent the law allows or to the extent we, meaning you the consumer and us the producer push the law to.

Joel Salatin original essay -Acres USA “If you’ve never tasted real homemade jams and jellies, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’ve never tasted an on-farm processed pastured broiler, then Whole Foods organic will do just fine, thank you. but once you’ve tasted the real deal, nothing else satisfies.
Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, to paraphrase a Biblical description of God’s plans, what could be if local food entrepreneurs were freed up to access their neighborhoods with homemade, artisanal food. Let me for a moment just describe what would happen.

We’d enjoy muffins from our neighbor’s kitchen, pickles, salsa, and baked goods. We’d have locally-grown and cured ham and bacon. Local beef jerky would accompany our kiddos’ lunch boxes. Frozen heat-and eat quiche made from overabundant pastured spring eggs from the neighbor’s flock would offer quickie meals on soccer night. Chicken pot pies, made with grandma’s recipe in our neighbor’s kitchen could be purchased during that mad-dash-home-from-work-what’s-for-supper panic. We could enjoy a Delmonico steak from a pastured steer that never stepped onto a trailer to be co-mingled at a slaughterhouse with animals of dubious extraction while awaiting slaughter, but rather was killed on its home farm in reverence by the farmer who cared for it. Tender and beyond description.

All of this washed down with wine from the neighbor’s grapes, fermented lovingly in his basement. Under the watchful eye of the children and the family cat. Cheese, all sorts of fresh and aged, straight from the neighbor’s ten-cow pastured dairy herd. And ice cream to die for, from heavy cream and molasses grown, milled, and canned two miles down the road. Are you salivating yet? (yes, yes I am).

You see, an imbedded local food system could actually exist in the midst of subdivisions and strip malls. Wherever a few unpaved square feet poked through, edible plants and animals could be grown and processed for the neighborhood. And without the expensive labeling, packaging, and processing infrastructure requirements, this food could be sold at regular supermarket prices, and it would be infinitely better. Virtually all of the processed foods currently sold at the supermarket could be supplanted with community-based entrepreneurial fare. Does your heart ache for this? Mine does.” (one again, I must say… yes, yes it does)

Eliot Coleman in the Winter Harvest Handbook sees the “serious” need for the same kind of store. “I could call it the “Wholier Than Thou Market” This store would sell no prepackaged food.Breads and crackers would be whole grain and made fresh daily.There would be no aged bags of flour but only wheat or oat or rye berries for the customer to grind into fresh flour with the store’s mill. Milk would be raw from a local grass~fed herd and so would the butter.

If you wanted juices they would be squeezed fresh into your own glass container,Meat, poultry and eggs would be local and range fed. The fruits and vegetables would be fresh year round from nearby fields and greenhouses. The only processed foods would be traditional ones like cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles,dried tomatoes, wine, and beer.The only sweeteners would be honey and maple syrup.( Red Acre disagrees with this, maybe heirloom sugar beets here) Real Food We all know what it is.All items would be purchased directly from nearby growers.Real food, whether for the soil or for the body, takes more time more commitment.Humans think in terms of more milk rather than exceptional milk; cheaper eggs not better eggs.

Is this radical? Possibly. But then organic farming seemed radical when I started.(that was 40 years ago)

These are our sentiments exactly! Thanks Joel for saying it better then we ever could have!

“We want Americans to have an insatiable appetite for something they don’t have. We want folks to be angry that they’ve been denied something righteous, something healthful.I want folks incensed that their government has sold our collective freedom birthright for a bowl of global corporate outsourced pottage.

I say if you want to come to my farm,look around, smell around, and voluntarily opt out of government -sanctioned food, then our transaction is not a government incident!

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