A Small Building with a Big Store


Imitation is the highest form of flattery. All great ideas, works of art were inspired by someone or something. Growing up in Southern California you are so fortunate to see the best and most beautiful Farmer’s Markets and road side stands-in all sizes shapes and varieties. Even more so in Northern California and the Wine Country which we have been going to once or twice a year since 2011. Of all those stands/ideas we looked at, took photos of and dreamed about the one that made us think we could have a “farm stand” was right here in La Verikin!
Ali’s Organics. This little creation is perfect inside and out. The owner is pretty perfect too. Nestled in a housing community is this jewel of a store, gardens and out buildings. If you have never been to this place you are missing out.

Ali will greet you with her beautiful smile and a wave from where ever she is working in her garden/yard.

She has been such a help, so good to and an inspiration to Sara.
The design of the stand/building came from some where completely different. Yes, we looked at Eliot Coleman’s “stand” but that was not us. In 2010 my sister sent me a bag with a gift in it and that is what became the vision, dream, design for the “Back Porch.’ Who built this? What finish skilled carpenter took a drawing, not something real from there crazy wife an daughter and made it real? Lynn Patterson. We love it!

Recycle, Reuse, Re purpose,

RedAcreFarm_157From the ground up, the floor joists were salvaged from Lynn’s brother’s home that had been burned. Next, the layer of plywood was from a storage shed in town that was no longer wanted. Our kind neighbor was moving his mechanic shop into a space that was a dance studio and needed to “get rid of” the ply wood.He saw what we were doing and offered it to us of free! That was a huge blessing. There was enough that it was used for the shear walls too! Our postal lady who sees us every day offered the tin for the roof.( that is another story) Discarded crates were used for the walls and the shake roof on the over hang.

The wonderful wood on the outside is from a house behind a house that my husband offered to take down if he could have all the “trash” No trips to the dump, we used it all! We found a newspaper in the wall from 1923! If any one knows more about this house who’s it was etc. we would love to know.

The ceiling beams were the packaging from the water pipes when the city ran the line down 2300.

The actual ceiling is wood scrap from a torn down chicken coop.

One window was a gift from some one who had volunteered here at the farm, another was saved from a remodel Lynn had done in town.

The front and very cool back doors Lynn rescued from one of “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Youngs” home in Beverly Hills that was literally being leveled to the ground. He can now justify moving them from California and keeping them for almost 18 years!

The chandelier & bench straight out of a dumpster.

A remarkable very giving older women, Jackie with lots of spunk whom Sara adores gave Sara the very cool shelf and the old wood stove you see inside.

The farm stand / Back Porch would never have even gotten started without Sara, or built without Lynn, and a bit of help from 2 volunteers, Bryce and Craig. There would be no heat if Albert had not installed the wood burning stove. Without the Ortiz’s generous amounts of time given and the many trips from California to see it to completion it would definitely have never been finished.

Mandeep of Sage Hills faith in Sara made it possible to literally fill the shelves!

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