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Fall 2015 is sold out

Get a one time Thanksgiving Basket

To be a share holder starting in January 2016 you must sign up on our harvest basket waiting list

This season is worth it just for the Thanksgiving basket! it is our way of saying thanks,this basket is bounteous and complete with a menu ,recipes and everything to make it with.The Fall season is 10 weeks. First harvest baskets will be ready week of September 29th. With the last one on the week of December 1st. Mother nature decides: it could be a week earlier/later or end a week earlier or last a week longer.

This season is my favorite and in some ways better then summer.It is also the reverse starting out heavy and ending up light possibly even with sprouts .Depending on the weather you might get cucumbers, eggplant,beans,summer squash and peppers in those first baskets.You continue to get tomatoes we ripened inside that were picked green before the frost killed them. You also get all that has been stored: potatoes,onions,root crops and the best part of the season WINTER SQUASH!  We still introduce you to and array of healthy new greens that folks just do not typically eat or find in the store.

Each share comes weekly in a beautiful reusable harvest basket.
We think picking up at the farm on Wednesdays  noon to 2 p.m.,loading your basket from what we harvest and being able to do the occasional u-picks is the best choice.If  that does not work for you we do offer delivery on Saturday to 3 Farmer’s Markets and 2 other locations when the markets end in Fall.  Arrangements can be made if you go on vacation.

Family Share

1/2 bushel basket; or a minimum of a full grocery bag


Farm Pick: $225 before September 2nd
$240 after September 2nd
Cedar City in town: $252.50 before September 2nd
$267.50 after September 2nd
St George,Springdale,La Verikin: $275 before September 2nd
$290 after September 2nd
Parowan (Looking for a place to deliver to): $260 before September 2nd
$275 after September  2nd

The “Family Share” can be treated as a “Pair Share.” Members partner and can divide their share and or alternate picking up the share each week.

Pair Share

1/4 bushel basket; or a minimum of a 1/2 of a grocery bag


Farm Pick: $135 before September 2nd
$150 after September 2nd
Cedar City in town: $162.50 before September 2nd
$177.50 after September 2nd
St George,Springdale: $185 before September 2nd
$200 after September 2nd
Parowan (Looking for a place to deliver to): $170 before September 2nd
$185 after September 9th

*cash or check prices

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We really want everyone who desires to eat healthy food to be be able to.We could never begin to think of all the options or reasons for payments etc. Please let us know what you need to make this work for you and we will do our best to make it possible.

Rather volunteer for a CSA share?

Each season we accept a limited number of volunteers for our “Volunteer for Veggies Program”

We have a volunteer for veggies program and just volunteering for locals ( no trade) , a WOOF opportunity, and an intern program. This is the volunteer for veggies program if you want information about one of our other opportunities please contact us!

Not limited to only field work. We need someone and if it is a good fit and you are interested in working the Farmers Markets there are 3 locations ,St George ( May-Nov), Springdale (April-Oct), and Cedar City (year round). All Saturdays until 1 as well as a Wednesday market in Cedar City 4 to 7pm Late July- mid Oct. We sometimes are in need of computer, tech, social media and other work done as well. It might be possible to do some of this work at your own home. If you have a skill an idea or something to offer that you feel would help the farm let us know what you’re idea is.

This is a structured program with set times, dates, and place. You must commit to 4 hours once a week, 4 weeks at a time. We ask for this commitment so we know in advance who will be coming when and where and that they are trained on certain tasks as we do not have time to retrain people every week. In exchange for this commitment and work you will receive a Family veggie share for every week you work. You pick up your share the same time as a regular Share Holder, Wed noon to 2 here at the farm. Yes, you come to the farm twice! Once to work your shift and then again to pick up you’re share. It would be nice for you but not possible for the farm to have everyone do their shift on Wednesday, share day.

The exception is if you come from Springdale or St George we will work something out with you.

If you would like to add any of our other share options, if both the share you want to add on (eggs, fruit, meat, milk, bread, cheese, chocolate) and work are available you can add additional hours (we have a schedule for hours needed to work for each share) to your shift or work more than one shift.

If after reading this you are still interested please contact us!

As a Share Holder you will also :

  • At every Farmer’s Market, 10% discount on items from what ever share you currently are signed up for
  • Discounts to classes and events
  • Discount to our annual Farm to Fork Dinner
  • Invites to classes and events for Share Holders Only
  • Each week your share will include the “Weekly Weed” a newsletter that gives you hints and helps on what to do with foods that might be a new adventure for you and how to store your weekly basket of produce.We also have a recipe exchange that includes recipes from our experience of over 25 years of catering and doing events.
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