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The SPRING season is 8 weeks .The first harvest is planned for the week of March 17th, with the last harvest week of May 6th. Mother nature decides: it could be a week earlier/later or end a week earlier or last a week longer. Spring here is really more like a light winter.You think of imagine growth but it is new and slow and still very cold.We have frost here in June.

This season is for the real fresh vegetable eater or those wanting to eat the very best they possibly can.Think fresh,think green:smoothies, salads, stir fry and soup.

What to expect in a Spring Share Basket

We have never had less then 4 different items in a basket.Sometimes the baskets are full to overflowing and sometimes they are not as full. This season starts light and ends light .That is the beauty of living in season! Look to see what our shares have in them each week.

If any storage crops are left we give those in the first couple of weeks,onions,root crops,potatoes and winter squash. You need to know ,be prepared and understand that Spring is a very light season filled with greens you might not have not only not eaten but never heard of before.You might receive,Sprouts Carrots,several varieties of Lettuce, Turnips, Watercress, Leeks, Onions, Swiss chard, Beets, Spinach, Radishes, Endive, Mesclun, Claytonia, Mache, Asian greens, Mustards, Mizuna, Collards, Chicories:Escarole, Radiccho, & Endive, Arugula, Kale, Chois and Sorrel. Be sure you understand this is a LOT of greens.The miracle here is that with freezing temperatures and snow we are still growing and in greenhouses with out heat and have fresh produce when in this area it is July before you are seeing any thing out of most folks gardens.

Each share comes weekly in a beautiful reusable harvest basket.

When picking up at the farm it is possible to use no plastic bags. All delivered baskets produce come in plastic bags.We know of no other way to keep it fresh. .We think picking up at the farm on Wednesdays noon to 2 p.m.,loading your basket from what we harvest and being able to do the occasional u-picks is the best choice and is the most economical.If that does not work for you we do offer delivery on Saturday in Cedar to the Farmer’s Markets, Thursdays:Springdale,La Verikin,and St George.

Arrangements can be made if you go on vacation.

Family Share

1/2 bushel basket; or a minimum of a full grocery bag


Farm Pick: $176
Cedar City in town: $198
St George,Springdale: $216
Parowan (Looking for a place to deliver to): $202

The “Family Share” can be treated as a “Pair Share.” Members partner and can divide their share and or alternate picking up the share each week.

Pair Share

1/4 bushel basket; or a minimum of a 1/2 of a grocery bag


Farm Pick: $104
Cedar City in town: $126
St George,Springdale: $144
Parowan (Looking for a place to deliver to): $130

*cash and check early bird prices

Fruit,Cheese,Eggs,Dairy,Milk,Bread,Grain,Raw Honey and Grass Fed and Finished Beef,Pork and Lamb are sold each week if available as well as  an add on in a Share Basket

PAYMENT OPTIONS:We really want everyone who desires to eat healthy food to be be able to.We could never begin to think of all the options or reasons for payments etc. Please let us know what you need to make this work for you and we will do our best to make it possible.
Rather volunteer for a CSA share ?

Each season we accept a limited number of volunteers for our “Volunteer for Veggies Program

Not limited to only field work, we need computer,tech and other work done as well. Some work can be done at your own home.This is a structured program with set times, dates, and place. You must commit to 4 hours once a week, 4 weeks at a time. We ask for this commitment so we know in advance who will be coming when and where and that they are trained on certain tasks as we do not have time to retrain people every week.

In exchange for this commitment and work you will receive a Family veggie share for every week you work.You work first then receive your share.You pick up your share the same time as a regular Share Holder, Wed noon to 2 here at the farm.If you would like to add any of our other share options,(cheese, eggs, honey, fruit, etc…)  if shares are available and more work is needed you can add additional hours to your shift or work more than one shift.
If you are interested please send an email ,call or text for more information.

As a Share Holder you will also :

  • Have a 10% discount on all produce at every Farmer’s Market
  • Discounts to classes and events
  • Discount to our annual Farm to Fork Dinner
  • Invites to classes and events for Share Holders Only
  • Each week your share will include the “Weekly Weed” a newsletter that gives you hints and helps on what to do with foods that might be a new adventure for you and how to store your weekly basket of produce.We also have a recipe exchange that includes recipes from our experience of over 25 years of catering and doing events.
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Prices are listed in cash. Please expect an additional 3% at checkout if using a card.