We only raise chickens once a year, when the pastures are starting to grow giving them all the warm Summer months with plenty of fresh pasture to finish on and be ready to harvest in early Fall.
Sign up early to reserve your chickens for Fall 2018! We raise a very small flock and always have a waiting list.

Whole Chickens approximately 3 to 5 lbs. $4.75* a lb

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What are these chickens fed? How are they raised ? Where do they live?

We raise different varieties of heritage breeds depending on the year.

We choose to never raise cornish crosses.

We blast the waste, the pollution, the lack of sustainability, the inhumanity, and the contamination of both our groundwater and our food supply that flow from a debased production system. The chickens all of whom are sick, propped up by antibiotics, growth hormones, and other industrial voodoo. Striving for a model which both protects natural and agricultural resources and offers  customers poultry fit to eat rejecting all that , except the very heart of the industry’s flawed system: the Cornish Cross chicken.

Of course, to folks whose only experience of chicken has been the supermarket version—or worse yet, Mega McNuggets—pastured poultry has been a revelation how ever  if the pastured bird is a heritage breed it unquestionably has more flavor but not large white breast or soft meat. The Cornish Cross’s greatest virtue is also its greatest vice: its phenomenal rate of growth. That growth is constantly outstripping all its bodily systems—its internal organs and nervous system as well as its skeletal structure. The digestive system clearly lags behind as well, as they can not and do not digest all there food.  Whatever the statistics about conversion of feed to flesh seem to imply, clearly there is a great deal of waste and inefficiency here.The inevitable results include not only the well-known leg problems and tendency to heart failure. Even one of the largest hatcheries in America, Mc Murray will tell you not to raise them at elevations above 5900 feet, their hearts can literally explode!   We believe that when we eat another living thing, plant or animal, we are eating not only its physical nutrients but its vitality as well.
We are not criticizing those who are working so hard to make pastured poultry a viable alternative. We know that the market has come to expect and demand that broad, plump Cornish breast. I know that the economic pressures on pastured growers are fierce; and that most feel they must have that seven or eight week grow-out in order to stay in business. However, I believe that the local food  movement has matured to the point that we should  not only know that you get what you pay for but be willing to eat for taste, and what is best for the system not just what we were used to or looks good!

Our chickens are never fed commercial mix. They are on pasture and fed organic and local grains, organic fresh greens, no corn or soy, no hormones, no antibiotics.

Once they are big enough they are raised  in” chicken tractors”  being moved daily right here at the farm literally on our front lawn/pasture.  They take 20  weeks to develop to their full weight, which is two and half times as long as it takes factory-farmed birds to reach the same size.

We want you to be 100% confident and comfortable when purchasing from our farm. If after reading this and looking at the web pages, you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call

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