Why do theses turkeys cost more?

How about the free turkey with purchase? These are often the frozen birds that didn’t get sold last year, so they’re not a worthy centerpiece for your holiday meal!

Turkeys, They are ready the week of Thanksgiving. Like all good things in life, however, supply is limited. Order early to ensure your bird!

Whole Turkeys approximately 10 to 20 lbs. $6.75* a lb

$50 non refundable deposit deposit now and then the balance when you pick up.

Sold Out for 2017

No guarantee on Turkey size, but we will try to get close

* THESE ARE CASH OR CHECK PRICES If paying online add 3%

What are these turkeys fed? How are they raised ? Where do they live?

We raise different varieties of heritage breeds depending on the year. Chocolate, Narragansetts, Standard Bronze, etc.

Fresh heritage turkeys once teetering on the edge of extinction, these birds are descendants of the first domesticated turkeys in this country.

Fresh in the “industry” means technically, a turkey that’s never been kept below 26˚F. Most (Broadbreasted White) Thanksgiving birds are processed in September and October but are still labeled fresh in November, which means they’ve been kept just above 26 degrees for months.

Our Toms are never fed commercial mix. They are on pasture and fed organic and local grains, organic fresh greens, no corn or soy, no hormones, no antibiotics.

Once they are big enough they are raised in” turkey tractors” being moved daily right here at the farm literally on our front lawn/pasture. They’re allowed 26 to 28 weeks to develop to their full weight, which is twice as long as it takes factory-farmed birds to reach the same size.

Because of their genetics and the way they are raised they have a more intense flavor and a firmer texture, which is why heritage turkeys trump the industrially raised Broadbreasted White, the bird most commonly found in grocers’ freezers.

We want you to be 100% confident and comfortable when purchasing from our farm. If after reading this and looking at the web pages, you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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Prices are listed in cash. Please expect an additional 3% at checkout if using a card.