Seasonal Share: Fall – Week of October 29th to December 3rd

Please read the entire agreement, and check the agree/accept box and submit this form.

Our commitment to our members:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is about trust, accountability, honesty, and integrity—like back when a man shook somebody’s hand and it meant something. We commit to this level of integrity and will do everything reasonable and possible to provide our members with fresh and healthy produce for a 6 week harvest season

We promise to never use Miracle Grow,Nitrogen or any synthetic fertilizer,Round Up or any weed killer,herbicides,pesticides,fungicides, or genetically modified seed.We promise you, that we will tell you if we did not grow it ourself and that we know the farmer and his practices and will tell you who the farmer is.

You understand that we communicate via email and facebook. Any vital information or changes will be emailed to you or posted on our facebook page.It is your responsibility to check your email and our facebook page.

Refunds or cancellations:

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of weather or other circumstances out of our control that impact our ability to grow. As a member of the Red Acre Farm CSA, you understand this possibility and commit to sharing this risk for the duration of the season. Due to this assumed risk, there are no refunds or cancellations. However, if your circumstances change and you are not able to use your share, you can sell your share, give it to a friend, or we can donate your produce for you.

Weekly pick up:

Each CSA member needs to choose one of the following locations for the season. As a CSA member you have the responsibility of picking up the weekly share at that location.

  • FARM Wednesday 12pm to 2pm. Here at the farm your basket is “not ready.” We harvest you fill it. Please allow time for occasional u picks. Pick up your first share basket October 31.
    The week of Thanksgiving pick up will be  TUESDAY  NOVEMBER 20,  9 to 11 am
  • FARMERS MARKET,St George Ancestor Square: 8 to noon Pick up your first share basket SATURDAY November 3rd. The market ends  Nov 10 and you will pick up at Backyard Garden & Gifts Thursdays 2 to 5:00 pm. November 15,29,& December 6th
    The week of Thanksgiving we will drop off on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 20th 11 am at Backyard Gardens and Gifts.
  •  La Verikin/Springdale, Pick up your first share basket THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1. You will pick up at Alis Organic’s on Thursdays 2 to 5:00 pm. November 2,15,29,& December 6th
    The week of Thanksgiving we will drop off on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 20th 10 am at Alis Organic
  • IN TOWN CEDAR CITY PICK UP,Farmers market 905 South Main at IFA 9am to noon.Pick up your first share basket SATURDAY,NOVEMBER 3rd.                                                                                                The week of Thanksgiving pick up will be  TUESDAY  NOVEMBER 20,  9 to 11 am AT THE FARM

If you are unable to come at that time, you can make arrangements for a friend to pick up your basket. Prior arrangements can be made for vacations. Any shares that are not picked up at the designated time will be donated at our discretion.

We provide a harvest basket. Please bring your harvest basket back each week. If you would rather not be responsible for the basket, feel free to bring your own bag or basket to transport your food. It is your responsibility to be sure that on the last share day of the season you return your basket.

If you have an egg share, you also agree to bring back your egg carton each week .

By signing this agreement you understand that all produce is not ready to eat. You must wash it yourself.

By signing this agreement, you understand that if you are buying milk it is to be used for craft purposes or animal consumption only. You paid $3 (1/2 gal) or $1(qt)for a jar and lid deposit (may be refunded at the end of the season). You are responsible to bring a washed  jar & lid back each week.

    I accept and agree to the Red Acre Farm Member Agreement and CSA Policies

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