Weekly Weed Archive

Week Four

July 14, 2010

What’s In Your Basket This Week?

  • Escarole
  • Garlic
  • Yellow summer squash
  • Spinach
  • Oak Leaf Lettuce
  • Butter Crunch Lettuce
  • Carrots with Tops
  • Radishes
  • Onion
  • Broccoli
  • Peas (shelling, see week 3)

Ideas for Eating,Cutting,Cooking and Keeping the new stuff:

Emailed the night before,almost.It is after midnight.Printed and in your basket as requested.Promising and delivering are 2 different things entirely. That first basket for 1/2 shares seemed lean but was about an $8. value. I went in Wall Mart today did a casual comparison.Not organic,who knows where it came from or how it was grown.We guessed the second week 1/2 shares to be around $12. and last week $22. I then went to the health food store. Seriously you and I are blessed to have this food.It looked like our compost pile! You can not even buy most of what we have been harvesting.We should not even be comparing ourselves but it makes us feel better and hope you feel that your money was well spent.

Escar What?

Escarole , if you think it is lettuce and try to make a regular old salad with it, you might grimace at the bitterness. As the shade of the leaves lightens, the degree of bitter taste also lessens.Escarole is in the chicory family, right along with radicchio and endive. Although it’s not sweet like lettuce, it does have an amazing array of uses in the kitchen – everything from raw salads to soups to wraps to sautees.Can be grilled too.!Escarole can also be cooked and added to many different types of dishes. As an example, the darker outer leaves are ideal for braising or steaming. Prepared with a little garlic powder and pepper, the leaves will lose a small amount of the bitter taste and form the perfect pocket for a section of boneless chicken or fish. When it comes to soup, escarole can be cut into fine strips and added as a green to just about any type of soup.

Instead of hoping I will put my recipes in the exchange I am sending you to where I get most of my recipes, follow this link.(http://www.epicurious.com/tools/searchresults?search=escarole&x=0&y=0)

Store it as you would lettuce, in a plastic bag in the fridge.


Must be planted between September 1 and the 15th then over wintered. Wa La, here it is 11 months later that is longer then it takes to make a baby!

Yellow Summer Squash

Just a sample of what is yet to come.


The best tasting green in a smoothie. With pineapple juice even the picky ones will love it.

Weeds! Tomorrow when you come if you weeded one row , with 23 share holders and 13 rows with plastic it would be done! If you could anytime and weed one row it would help and you could get to know your vegetables better.

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions to the name of the newsletter.We have not yet decided.Everyone who gave us a suggestion I said I would give one of the following : dozen eggs, gallon of milk,quart of yogurt,1/2 lb of cheese or 1lb of butter. Let me know what you want.

Brigitta, one of our share holders who is amazing as you will see ,sent me this email I am including it hear and ask that you support her.


At the moment I’m working on a blog page to link up with the my web page. This blog will have most of my recipes that I created while working with Jeanne from Nutritional Solutions. I am creating new recipes almost every week with Jeannes expert opinion so any CSA followers to the blog would be welcome!

JULY 24,

There is a parade,a small town parade her in Enoch. Sara loves being in it and has been every year since she was 10.The first time she was in it we had only lived here for 2 weeks and learned of it about an hour before it started.She grabbed the one friend she knew here put them both in costume and decorated their bikes!

She has done wagons handcarts something every year always gathering family and friends to be apart. This year she wants SHARE HOLDERS to push a handcart with her from Red Acre Farm loaded with our harvest in baskets a couple chickens maybe walk the goat too! Kids love it and she will walk with them if you do not want to.It really is fun.Let us know..

Enjoying the light rain,cloudy days and spectacular sunsets.

Feeling blessed……

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