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Week One

June 23, 2010

What’s In Your Basket This Week?

  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • 4 Varieties of Lettuce:Head,Oakleaf,Deer Tonuge,and a Spicy Mesclun Mix
  • Radishes:breakfast, white and traditional
  • Radish Sprouts
  • Rosemary
  • Apricots,grown locally in Hurricane NOT organic

Lots of Greens!

And though it may seem like you’re getting a lot of greens in the month of June, remember to enjoy them while they’re here. Their primetime is relatively fleeting before summer’s dry heat begins to favor the rest of the vegetable kingdom instead. Also remember that in the coming weeks, your harvest baskets will follow the growing season.These early Harvest Baskets will be leaner than those that come later in the season. We strive for an average value of $15 (full share) or $8 (pair share) of produce each week https://www.redacrefarmcsa.org/comparisons/, which means that as the season progresses the baskets will get heavier (literally!) with summer’s bounty. Enjoy the first harvest!

The rosemary and apricots are a blessing of living 30 minutes from a completely different climate.Life is good.

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking, and Keeping:

We recommend that you wash your produce before eating it. Technically, we only “field-rinse” the produce, so it is not legally considered to be “washed.”


I won’t even pretend to assume that the peas are going to make it home but in case they do, they store best in the fridge in a plastic bag. They’ll hold for at least a week, but are tastiest eaten soon.

Enjoy them raw, sautéed, steamed, or stir-fried. Great cooked up with baby carrots, drizzled in olive oil, sprinkled with fresh herbs(rosemary) and salt. A simple, quick way to savor the pure flavor of fresh peas!


Bunched carrots will store best if you cut the tops off and put the roots in a plastic bag. Like other root crops, the tops transpire and suck all of the moisture out of the root in the refrigerator, leaving you with sad, limp carrots.

The tops are not just compost or pet food .Our goats love them.

Use them, they’re rich in potassium and vitamin K. Like parsley, they’re packed full of chlorophyll, shown to combat bad breath—some have even suggested juicing carrot greens and making homemade mouthwash, though some opt for chewing on a sprig, country-style. They taste very similar to parsley, a little sweeter with a slightly bitter finish.Pick them off of the woody stalk.

Chop and mix into coucous or rice dishes.
Garnish soups with a few hand-picked leaves.
Fry and scatter over your protein for a beautiful and delicate splash of green.
Add to finely chopped tarragon, dill, parsley, and thyme in an herb vinaigrette before dressing a salad.
Juice and add to other fruit and veggie juices for some extra potassium (balance out the bitterness with honey).
Simmer them in broth.


Stores best in a plastic bag in the fridge. Don’t let it get too soggy!

If you are a meat eater put it in a salad.

Make your own dressing.

These are so fresh just olive oil,balsamic vinegar and a little fresh garlic.Yum


If you want your radishes to last longer in the fridge, cut the tops off and store the roots in a ziploc in the crisper.

Some people love the spicy bite of a spring radish, but if you want a less spicy mouthful, peel your radishes. All of the heat is in that red skin; the meat of the radish is tender, juicy and sweet.

Also, radish tops are great in stir-fy (they belong to the same family as mustard greens). Don’t toss ’em – chop them up and sautee with a little rice vinegar, tamari or any other seasoning.

Radish Sprouts

Will continue to grow in fridge in a container,rinse daily and set in sun to “green up”

Juice and on those fresh greens for a salad


Keep moist in a ziploc in the fridge it will last for weeks or dry it and use later.It is an herb with endless uses my favorite,use as a skewer when grilling.

I have been sending weekly emails .This will replace that.IThis is not a blog. Yes, I have one on our site and have plans for that too. This is just for share holders.This is how we will keep in touch with you and hopefully help you enjoy your basket more. I am still not sure how to use or what would be the best way to use our face book page.Any ideas let us know.

Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a recipe exchange on our site. If you have a great recipe, have a new idea or way to use something in your basket share it! I will put the carrot muffin recipe that you all sampled today on there.

Cheese $5 a lb from Jack Rabbit Ranch,raw Jersey milk $4 a gallon ,raw butter $3.50 a lb or a $1 a cube, unsweetened yogurt made with raw milk $3.50 a quart .To order for Wednesday Email or call by Sunday night.

Pick up next week and all season will be as was in the agreement, 12 to 2 .We harvest earlier usually done by 10 and if you want to come out earlier please call first. Any basket not picked up after 2 will be donated at our discretion.Sorry for any confusion this week I was trying to be accommodating.

We are learning and becoming better at farming every day .We are so excited if you can believe this for next year.Farming is one of those things where you are living 6 months in the future and every day in the moment – all at once….

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