The Pattersons

A Daughter. A Mother. A Father. A Wife. A Husband. An Aunt. Grandparents! And, of course, farmers at heart.

For Lynn, this all comes naturally. He grew up raising his own meat and his family always had a garden. As for me (Symbria), my mother grew flowers…does that count? Lynn and I started our family where we both grew up. We lived in Los Angeles County on a ½ acre and tried to add some agrarian aspects to it, like chickens and roosters.Our neighbors loved us! Growing large gardens, we became hooked on growing our own food and sharing it with others.

Lynn and I have four children. Three are married and have four children between them. Our three granddaughters and our grandson love the farm and are the little ones you see in the pictures. When our youngest daughter, Sara, was 10, we moved to rural America. Now she is the only one living at home and is the inspiration behind our farm, and the reason we are taking on the challenge of a CSA.

As avid gardeners who love to share our produce with friends and neighbors, we are excited to have a CSA! We thrive on being involved in our community and knowing like-minded individuals. While we’re not alone in desiring healthy, fresh foods, we know that we are among the fortunate few who have the land to produce it. We enjoy sharing our talent and skills, along with our land, to those who feel as we do about eating locally grown, fresh food!

We love the country and the city—both have made us who we are. Often we can relate to Green Acres—you know, the TV show where Eva Gabor and her lawyer husband move to the farm. Sometimes we fit in with our 50 chickens, dirt driveway, and farm life, the way Eva’s silk gowns, leopard skin couch, and chandelier fit in on her farm. (Not that we have a leopard skin couch, but you get the idea.) Still, we love the land and what it gives us, both the food it brings forth and, as Masanobu Fukuoka says, the “cultivation and perfection” it develops in each of us. Farming teaches us about life and living in ways that few other pursuits can. It’s an endeavor we are grateful to take, even in the red dirt of southern Utah!

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