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Pepper - Sweet

Pepper - Sweet



An Italian frying pepper that is notably sweet with a shapely tapered silhouette. Excellent roasted, grilled, and in salads. 


Doe Hill

OMG. This is our favorite pepper. We source these seeds from our friends at Grand Prismatic grown right here in Utah. The walls are thick and flavorful, the plants get loaded with fruit, and the peppers seem to mature quicker than other yellow or red bells. These small peppers are perfect for snacking in the garden.  They're our crew's go-to snack so they don't make it to the market or farmstand very often, so you might as well grow your own.


Olympus (Hybrid)

These are our go-to big bells - nothing too fancy, but they are the only large bell we've been able to reach maturity in our climate.


Jimmy Nardello

This fine Italian pepper was grown each year by Giuseppe and Angella Nardiello at their garden in the village of Ruoti, in Southern Italy.  This long, thin-skinned frying pepper dries easily and has such a rich flavor that this variety has been placed in “The Ark of Taste” by the Slow Food organization. Ripens to a deep red, is very prolific, and does well in our climate.



A favorite old Japanese variety which produces 3 inches long, slightly wrinkled fruit that is perfect for making tempura and other traditional recipes. Fruit is emerald green in color, ripening to red, and mildly flavored. Fancy resuraunts dig these.

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