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Red Acre Easter Brunch we do it for you

Red Acre Easter Brunch we do it for you


Brunch feeds 4-6

Pink Peppercorn Aioli Deviled Eggs 1 doz

9-inch Quiche Spinach 

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes  1 quart

Spring Salad

Candied Citrus Bread Pudding

Seeded Carrot Muffin 1/2 doz

1 Package  Maple Cured Bacon


 The menu includes just enough savory and sweet options for the perfect Easter, Spring, or Sunday brunch. So pull out the nice dishes and cook the bacon; we have done everything else for you. Enjoy noshing on deviled eggs while the bacon sizzles. A delicious slice of creamy spinach feta quiche, alongside rosemary roasted potatoes, strips of maple-cured bacon you cook, a generous portion of our bright Spring salad with edible flowers, a moist seeded carrot muffin with plenty of lightly toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a not too sweet dish of candied citrus bread pudding made from our sourdough.


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