Weekly Weed Archive

Week Eleven

May 11, 2011

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week:

  • Bulls Blood
  • Carrots
  • Endive
  • Spinach
  • Turnip & Mustard Greens
  • Butter Crunch Lettuce
  • Spicy Gourmet Lettuce Mix


From the farm. Nothing knew you have not seen before.I will say this again.Thank You for your support in this our first time growing without heat in Winter and Spring. We too know that broccoli,cauliflower, new potatoes,more greens that can be cooked ,more peas and cabbage are a must for this season.

At a time when a lot of the news is grim, we feel blessed to be part of this great experiment in eating with you. We know full well there were days when you pulled that lettuce out of your basket and wondered, “how can I eat one more salad? ” We know that some of you have pushed yourself to your culinary limits with another way to eat salad and yes more odd greens! And we know that some of you have juggled your schedules and figured out complicated veggie carpools just to be able to pick up your share each week. We know all this takes commitment and we are deeply grateful to you for your partnership – for saying to us, and the world, “Local food matters. Family farms matter. Sustainable agriculture matters. And eating well, eating seasonally, eating as part of a community, matters.”

Thanks for all that you eat.

MEAT & CHEESE: We offer cheese,eggs and milk because we believe in raw,healthy and local. We want everyone to have the opportunity to eat as good as we do.We also know that we are educating people and building a community.So for now this is a service we offer making no money. It all takes time . With the planting and marketing Summer Shares and still doing Spring Shares I am finding it difficult to organize this meat order. I have done all the research.

Chicken is being grown locally. Free range,not organic, but healthy whole grain ground fresh .The lamb is organic and the best you could get and local.The beef is the same.Pork is from Christiansen’s in Vernon. My goal/plan is to send an email with prices and details this week! Appreciate your patience as we all learn and grow together in this change and movement that is happening to our food and all for the better.

Cheese and BUTTER: From Nature Hills Farm: Cottage Cheese $3.50 for 8 oz. Fresh Butter $3.50 for 10 oz. and a sale on Brie $2.

Milk: Sorry we have not been able to meet the demand on Share Day for the goat milk.The goat milk is fabulous! They do not give as much as cows. So please call or email before Share Day.Or come out on another day anytime day or night. Go in the back door in the fridge.Self serve honor system. First come first serve basis.

SUMMER SHARES, Next week is the last week for Spring Shares. One week off and then Summer starts. We are not full so please tell everyone you know about us. Let us know if you know a place to put a flier. Invite them to May Day, Saturday May 21st here at the farm. Noon to 3 for Share Holders and there friends. We ask Share Holders to bring a Salad to share.Red Acre provides homemade honey lemonade,crafts: dandelion wreathes,coloring,mini may poles,activities: bubble pond,goop pond,baby animals,entertainment,give aways and the MAY POLE.

HELP: Thanks to those who have been out to help.If anyone would like to go with me to the first Farmers Market of the season in St George this Saturday we would be grateful. I need help setting up , unloading and if you can stay selling.It is actually fun!


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