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Week Five

March 30, 2011

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week

  • Spinach
  • Red & Green Oak Leaf
  • Dark Red Romaine
  • Light Red Romaine
  • Sorrel
  • Radishes

No new stuff .”Spring might not be my thing”

I have been enjoying a conversation with one of our Share Holders and he said I could quote him.”Spring might not be my thing but I am in for the whole enchilada!” I admit I probably should have had this conversation with some of you before now.

Our first Share Holders joined for a Summer season and loved it. We decided with Albert Montoya  growing with us and Eliot Coleman for a mentor we could do what no one else had done or was doing in this area. Growing year round without heated greenhouses! Winter Shares filled  before anyone new could join other then our new delivery to St George! I had warned and for warned, we had no one local to learn from and that this was our first time and we would be eating tons of greens.Well it seemed as if you all loved us and were thankful for real local organic food when no one else had any.If you look at the news letters it was not very lettuce or green heavy.Tomatoes in late November!

Now we have Spring and with Winter a success we took more Share Holders. Many of you signed up without ever talking to us. I never even described Spring on our website. It is truly a challenge to keep up with the interest in local food.

Here you are,possibly without knowing what you were really getting into.Now Spring has been what I thought Winter would be more like,  lettuce and more greens.

Everyone who does what we do and I hope there will be many CSA s here soon will only have to learn from us  but not by experience. We have learned more in Spring then we did in winter. I am amazed that there is the variety of lettuce and how sweet and beautiful it is.I will admit and now know a few things we could have done to have made it less lettuce.Your basket of produce is local,organic and extremely wholesome food .You /we are eating better then kings!

They say”if one person said something it is the voice of many” If “Spring ain’t your thing” I want to encourage you to hang in there. We want you to tell us if you are unhappy or this is not what you thought it was going to be. WE CARE and receive much positive feed back.We are concerned if any one is having a negative experience.Please lettuce know.

Your caring personal farmers,

Sara, Symbira and Lynn

Seed Starting class tonight! We limit the # to 10 and have 2 places left.

A Downtown Cedar City Fundraising Event: Wednesday, APRIL 6TH 6:30 We are going if there are 8 of us the tickets are a bit less.

SPRING DAY: Pick up on the 6th of April will be on the 9th of April.Just a reminder on April 6th we are asking you pick up your basket on SATURDAY APRIL 9th 11 a.m. to 1.Spring Day, late breakfast at the farm:egg hunt,crafts,games,baby animals,plants and seeds. If you can not come we would love you to send family or a friend to pick up for you. If you can come please bring some one. We love to teach people about what and why you and Red Acre are doing and how important it is.Sign ups for Summer Shares with an early bird price offered that day.

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