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Week One

March 1, 2011

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week?

  • Spinach
  • Sorrel
  • Oak leaf  lettuce
  • Tango  lettuce
  • Beet greens/tops
  • Carrots
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley

Welcome to our Spring Share. As you can tell by the snow on the ground it is still Winter. What is in your basket will be determined by the weather. Lots of greens and root crops if it stays cold.

Your produce is only “field rinsed” and not ready to eat. Please remember to  give it a good soak and dry it well before storing.

We have a recipe exchange on our site. https://www.redacrefarmcsa.org/recipes/. If you have a great recipe, have a new idea or way to use something in your basket please share it.

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking and Keeping:

Spinach,The best tasting green in a smoothie. With pineapple juice even the picky ones will love it. Refrigerate in a plastic bag.

Sorrel, It has a bright lemon flavor. Use it like spinach. Use sparingly in salads and generously in soups and sauces.One of my favorite soups and I will put the recipe on the exchange. Like all greens wash,dry and store in a bag in the fridge.

2 kinds of lettuce, taste and take note of which ones you like best., Cilantro

We have 2 different opinions on how to care for lettuce; Stores best in a plastic bag in the fridge. Don’t let it get too soggy!We suggested not letting your greens get soggy as that has been my experience. A share holder said”last year I waited and my lettuce wilted.I put it in ice and water and it crisped up and lasted a week!” Maybe it depends on the green or lettuce? Go figure.

Beet Greens, Just the tops and they last forever in a bag in the fridge. Toss them in smoothies,soup or stir fry. These are not the variety I would eat in a salad.

Carrots, This time of year the carrots are not the sweetest that will change. For now juice or cook them. Carrots store best if you cut the tops off and put the roots in a plastic bag. Like other root crops, the tops transpire and suck all of the moisture out of the root in the refrigerator, leaving you with sad, limp carrots.

The tops are not just compost or pet food .Our goats love them.They are not as lush this time of year either.But still use them, they’re rich in potassium and vitamin K. Like parsley, they’re packed full of chlorophyll, shown to combat bad breath—some have even suggested juicing carrot greens and making homemade mouthwash, though some opt for chewing on a sprig, country-style. They taste very similar to parsley, a little sweeter with a slightly bitter finish.Pick them off of the woody stalk.

Chop and mix into coucous or rice dishes.
Garnish soups with a few hand-picked leaves.
Fry and scatter over your protein for a beautiful and delicate splash of green.
Add to finely chopped tarragon, dill, parsley, and thyme in an herb vinaigrette before dressing a salad.
Juice and add to other fruit and veggie juices for some extra potassium (balance out the bitterness with honey).
Simmer them in broth.

Cilantro, We love this stuff. Before it is used, cilantro should be crushed, either by hand or with a mortar and pestle. Cilantro is a perfect addition to Mexican dishes; add Cilantro to salsas and bean dips. Mix crushed Cilantro into sour cream and use it as a topping for chili, tacos, or enchiladas. Sprinkle Cilantro over stir fried vegetables for color and Asian flavor. Add Cilantro to sesame ginger dressing when making Chinese chicken salad.

Parsley, They say it is the worlds most popular herb. See what you can do with it.

Additional items:

Eggs $3 a dozen

Cheese from Jack Rabbit Ranch:Chevre $6. for 8 oz. Cow:hard cheese $6. for 8 oz. Soft cheese,Rosemary,jalapeno and habanero $5. 8 oz.

What a great way to get to know each other over fresh,local,healthy,food grown just for you!Enjoy the adventure of eating.

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