Weekly Weed Archive

Week Seven

April 13, 2011

What’s In Your Harvest Basket This Week?

  • Escarole, NOT a lettuce
  • Rosemary
  • Radishes
  • Pac Choi
  • Lettuce:
  • Ruby Red
  • Butter Crunch
  • Gourmet Mix
  • Hanson

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking and Keeping the new stuff:

Escarole , if you think it is lettuce and try to make a regular old salad with it, you might grimace at the bitterness. As the shade of the leaves lightens, the degree of bitter taste also lessens.Escarole is in the chicory family, right along with radicchio and endive. Although it’s not sweet like lettuce, it does have an amazing array of uses in the kitchen – everything from raw salads to soups to wraps to sautees.Can be grilled too.!Escarole can also be cooked and added to many different types of dishes. As an example, the darker outer leaves are ideal for braising or steaming. Prepared with a little garlic powder and pepper, the leaves will loose a small amount of the bitter taste and make the perfect pocket for  chicken or fish. When it comes to soup, escarole can be cut into fine strips and added as a green to just about any type of soup.Store it as you would lettuce, in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Rosemary,  for remembrance. Just a sprig and it goes along way.Good on meat or potatoes.It is an herb with endless uses. Keep moist in a Ziploc in the fridge it will last for weeks or dry it and use later.

Instead of hoping I will put my recipes in the exchange I am sending you to where I get most of my recipes, follow this link.

Since the last Weekly Weed…

There were no weeds last week,well at least not a Weekly Weed!

The seed starting class was full and  a success. This is an excellent class with information that everyone needs to know. EVERYONE should grow a little something from seed  and save the seed,even if it is in a pot or on a window sill. What is a class without good food! Lynn created a beautiful display of Jack Rabbit Cheese and crackers , apple cider and grape juice that we press ourselves. We really enjoyed everyone who attended.

Thanks to everyone who attended and there were many Red Acre share holders at the fund raiser for the Downtown Alliance on April 6th.That was an evening done well.Wine,cheese,food,art and opportunity to really mingle.

I did not write the Weekly Weed last week as Spring Day and “weather” it was going to happen or not became all consuming.THANK YOU for being so incredibly supportive. It really warmed our hearts to see you show up and with friends on such a blustery day.All but one of our St George Share Holders were able to come! Since they are delivered to we were happy they were able to see the farm.We could not have done it without all those who helped. HUGE THANKS. We have had a great response to the event.New folks signing up,calls,emails and lots of activity on Face Book.

That seems to be an instant way to communicate and so easy. PLEASE go to our page and like us.We are giving away the cheese of our choice to any shareholder who likes us on Face Book and if you all ready like us then get someone new to do it and let us know.

Next event, Spring Day was a new event requested by a Share Holder who teaches a PR class at SUU. They wanted a real project and choose us.They got real! We have just loved working with them.They have been so helpful and fun to work with. We have done May Day for years  but that was too late for them as school is out. So mark your calendars for the next Red Acre Event,Saturday,May 21st. for Share Holders and their friends. The weather is usually better by then .If we are not full we will offer Summer shares that day. The current price is an early bird until May 1.

Much gratitude for all the lettuce you have consumed!

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