Winter Share

Winter Share

Members receive what is ripe and seasonal

We know of no one in this area who is growing locally and organically for customers in WINTER! We are inspired and mentored by Eliot Coleman (

This season is for the real fresh vegetable eater or those wanting to eat the very best they possibly can.We are thinking smoothies, salads, stir fry, and soup! If you want to be motivated to eat green smoothies take a look at this site This will be the healthiest winter of your life! We bet you do not get sick (unless you make your smoothies with ice cream from Wal-Mart).

This season is the opposite of the traditional season. Your basket will start heavy with winter squash that was grown over summer and be lighter at the end. Shares will include winter squash, carrots, several varieties of lettuce, turnips, watercress, leeks,onions, swiss chard, beets, peas, spinach, radish, endive, basil, mesclun, claytonia, and sorrel.

Family Share

1/2 bushel basket; feeds 4-6 moderate veggie eaters
Cost: $200

A “Family Share” is approximately 1 of those plastic bags stuffed very full from the supermarket. This is a good size to supplement the food needs of 4 to 6 light vegetable eaters, 2 serious vegetable eaters.

The “Family Share” can be treated as a “split share.” Members partner and can alternate picking up the share each week.

Pair Share

1/4 bushel basket; feeds 2-3 moderate veggie eaters
Cost: $110

A “Pair Share” is a very full 1/2 of one of those plastic bags from the supermarket. Feeds 2 to 3 people who want to pick up a smaller quantity of produce each week.

ADD $50 for delivery to St George and Springdale

Limited shares available. First come, first serve basis.

Each share comes weekly in a reusable harvest basket. The first harvest is planned for October 27th, with the last one on January 19th.There will be no baskets on the 15th,22nd and the 29th of December.Mother nature decides: it could be a week earlier/later or end a week earlier or last a week longer. Produce is harvested the morning of pick-up. Sometimes the baskets are full to overflowing and sometimes they are not as full. We generally never have less than four different items in the basket each week. That is the beauty of living in season!

Each week your share will include the “Weekly Weed” a newsletter that gives you hints and helps on what to do with foods that might be a new adventure for you and how to store your weekly basket of produce.We also have a recipe exchange that includes recipes from our experience of over 25 years of catering and doing events.

Your basket will be available for pick-up every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm at the farm. Arrangements can be made if you go on vacation!


Also available for purchase is local raw honey; and yogurt and butter from the same jersey cow that provides our milk share. As well as the frequent option to order local grass-fed and finished beef.


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