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Week Nine

January 5, 2011

What’s In Your Basket This Week?

  • Sorrel
  • Carrots
  • Radish
  • Turnips, Hakurei
  • Bulls blood
  • Rosemary
  • Gourmet mix
  • Oak leaf/Endive,bitter best stir fried
  • Red curly leaf/ Red Romaine
  • Micro greens
  • Apples,Fuji, local conventionally grown

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking and Keeping the new stuff:

Sorrel,The only green you have not seen before. It has a bright lemon flavor.Use sparingly in salads and generously in soups and sauces.I did not want to send the newsletter out until we had prices and dates for our next season.

We are officially a 4  season farm! With much gratitude to all of you as we could not have done it with out this seasons “winter”experiment that you all were brave enough to be a part of. We are learning and becoming better at farming every day . We are so excited  for next year. Farming is one of those things where you are living 6 months in the future and every day in the moment – all at once…

At the request of many we now have a price for the entire year.

The spring share will begin March 2nd for pick up at the farm and March 3rd for St George.For a total of 12 weeks ending May 18th.

Shares for SPRING will be: $240
Pair shares: $132
*For current Share Holders only: $230
*Pair shares:$125
St George delivery add $50

Mark your calendar for May Day at the farm May 21st!

SUMMER shares begin June 1st and end September 28th for a total of 18 weeks.
Family Shares: $360
Pair Shares:$200

FALL shares begin October 12th and end December 14th for a total of 10 weeks.
Family Shares: $200
Pair shares: $110

We will offer a limited number of ANNUAL shares. For 1 calendar year (2011), all seasons, a fresh basket of produce for 40 weeks.
*Family Shares: $770
*Pair Shares: $425

This secures the price of your produce regardless of how much prices go up.

* cash or check only

The last share day is always bitter sweet for us . Looking forward to a break but sad to know that we will never see some of you again . If you plan on being a Spring Share holder we would appreciate it if you pay tomorrow or at least let us know. Be sure you bring your basket to turn in this week. We will have paper bags for you. We appreciate you supporting local and real organic small farming.

Symbria, Lynn and Sara

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Prices are listed in cash. Please expect an additional 3% at checkout if using a card.