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Week Seven

December 8, 2010

What’s In Your Basket This Week?

  • Radish sprouts
  • Endive and a Red leaf mix(bitter, best stir fried)
  • Red Sails and Hansen lettuce mix
  • Gourmet Lettuce mix
  • Leeks
  • Beets
  • Fuji Apples(conventionally grown )

Ideas for Eating, Cutting, Cooking and Keeping the new stuff:

Radish Sprouts, will continue to grow in the fridge in a container,rinse daily and set in sun to “green up.” Juice them,throw them in a smoothie or toss on those fresh greens for a salad.

Apples ,usually with a CSA fruit is sold as a separate share.When it comes across our path we like to share it with you.Albert (our partner with the green houses) drove up Monday to Santaquin to get a bin of number 2( not perfect) apples to sauce and juice for his family.We are benefiting from that. Not organic but local.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Green, the baskets are green as I said they would be and light and fluffy like snow.Last week was very typical of a traditional first season share basket.Light and then the season gets heavier until you can’t fit it all in your basket at the end.You leave on a high note with abundance.

We felt it a daring adventure to do a Winter harvest at almost 6000 feet and the reverse feeling, ending with less at the end of the season. Truly believing in real organic,fresh and local food we were willing and up for the challenge.

This season the baskets started out heavy and bountiful as we were still reaping from the summer harvest,now getting lighter I want to keep reminding you.As we all are capable in lean times to forget the abundant times.

Thanksgiving brought unseasonable low temperatures and extra inches of snow more like January when we had planned a break for the cold. The green house did well but there was some loss for sure and you saw it in your baskets last week. You” buy into the bounty as well as the risk”.

We had some feed back which I now understand why on the bottom of every receipt they give away just about anything to know what the customer thinks.

We really want to know your thoughts. This is not just about food but belonging to a community and a cause, a movement. You really do vote with your dollar and every bite that goes into you and your families mouth. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

You are literally share holders.We will grow if able, what you request.We have even planted “your seeds.”We want you to be educated and part of this most important subject,food. It keeps us alive and determines your quality of life. You really cannot live without it.What you are getting for food is becoming more and more controlled with less and less truth and information given to you about what you’re eating.This food we grow, you can see and know what it is where it came from .How it was grown and who grew it.It Is literally your food!

We do not plan to get wealthy off of farming. Yes, we would love to be better which means full time and living off the money from the farm.It is not sustainable if there is not a way to support the farmer.In this area where this is a new concept we have to educate others as well as us learning and it being a low income area it is difficult to achieve a balance of quality and affordable.

Does Local hand grown organic food cost more then GMO big ag mass produced, well food but I do not call that food. The question you have to ask yourself. Is it worth it and does it really “cost” more?

For us the answer is yes,it is worth it and it does not “cost” more even if we sometimes pay more. We eat less of something better.We feel better are healthier and weigh less as a benefit.I could go on for volumes proving why for your health,survival (when the trucks do not roll in,the effect on the environment) and politically why we should eat ,local and real organic.

We do live what we believe. I packed all of our Thanksgiving dinner up except the turkey( next year we are raising heritage breeds) and headed to our sons home in Colorado .To put our money where our mouth and heart are we did NOT buy the Smiths $7 turkey. Could we afford it ?Well we felt like we could not afford not to.We supported our local health food store as I know some of you did.The $30 something bird ,14lbs was a good price organic and free range.Not local and did I really know what I was getting? Next year we are changing that.

Our one stop on a 30 hour road trip in a grocery store was not as inexpensive as the 99 cent menu but we sure felt better.Heirloom tomatoes $4 a lb a bag of organic chips some fresh salsa at the deli and fruit.Could we afford it? We can not afford not to!

We hope that for our share holders feel the same way?With your basket being so light last week and not as inexpensive as Bountiful Baskets,Costco or maybe even the health food store, but o so worth it! There is no comparison to the almost no carbon foot print it takes to get to your table, the better taste of local, real organic more nutrient filled produce picked less then 24 hours before you get it.We/ I just want to convince people it is worth it and that it is not whether you can afford it ,it is that we can not afford not to!

Please,always let us know your thoughts,email, call or stop by.

We hope you love your produce as much as we love growing it for you!

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