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Sara, farmer & chef, loves to tell the story of the food from the soil where it is grown to the plate where it is served.

We want to reconnect our guests to the origin of their food and enjoy what we offer here in southern Utah. The menu will be created and dictated by what we freshly harvest from Red Acre Farm. In keeping with our focus on local food culture, other ingredients are sourced from artisan producers, local farms, gardens, and ranches.

Dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else. Dinner is the evening.” 


― Art Buchwald

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A great meal is not only about the food and wine - it's about the experience. Gathering for a meal is about much more than eating it's about caring and being sure that not just your plate is full. Enjoying a meal that does not only leave you full but satisfied and feeling better. A shared meal is a kind of journey that returns you to the sources of pleasure you may have forgotten and take you to places you may have not yet been.

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Farmer to Fork
Farmer to Fork
Aug 17, 2024, 6:00 PM
Red Acre Farm
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