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Become a member of the Red Acre Farm Flower CSA.

Membership includes 10 weeks of bouquets for on-farm pickup Tuesdays or Saturday starting as early as July 9th until mid-September.
Space is limited to 15 shareholders.

Interested in supporting the Red Acre Farm Flower CSA, but can't commit to coming to the farm for pick-up?
Downtown St. George Farmers' Market Pick-up Option Available for 5 bouquet deliveries
on Saturdays: July 20th, August 3rd and 17th, September 7th and 21st.


Farm Fresh Flowers

Flowers have always been grown on The Farm: in rows, boxes, and planters. From spring flowers to late summer perennials, the Farm Stand garden cheerfully greets visitors to The Farm. Over the years, we have sold flowers and bouquets and made the classic rookie veggie farmer move, selling Zinas in mason jars.  With vegetables as our primary focus here on The Farm, flowers have never been given our full attention.

That's changing now that Eleanor is here.

Our crew member Eleanor showed interest in flowers last year and has happily taken on the title of flower farmer. We are super excited that she has taken on this new venture as her own. This is her passion, her project, and her business!  


She's offering a flower CSA, weekly bouquets, and custom orders for florists and weddings.


Please support her in her new venture. We're excited to have flowers moving into the spotlight on The Farm.

eleanor flowers.jpg

From Eleanor

Growing flowers is something that connects me to my mom, who always keeps our yard flourishing with flowers; she got it from her mom, who did likewise. I love the amazing diversity of flowers and am excited to add my own pop to this program.

Choose the Monthly Farm Flowers or Bi-weekly Bouquets option to subscribe and save on bouquets.
Farm flowers can be purchased weekly without subscription with delivery to St. George available twice a month.

Interested in larger quantities?

Are you interested in supporting a small farm who is growing organic local flowers? No shipping. Inquire a week or two in advance to see what will be ready for harvest for your event.


You do not eat or wear them, but there are still very important questions to ask: Where do flowers come from?  What has happened to those flowers prior to getting here?  Have those who grow the flowers been paid fair wages or treated well? 

When you purchase flowers, you might unknowingly be supporting a system that harms both the environment and people. And unlike imported fruits and vegetables, flowers are not tested for illegal pesticide residue. So not only can these flowers be coated in chemicals but also in high levels of illegal chemicals. Studies have shown that floriculture workers who handle conventionally produced material are exposed to high levels of potentially harmful pesticides. They are often children working in unsafe conditions and being paid low wages.

Are the flowers you purchase toxic?

 What happens to you, the land, and the soil when we do not grow organically?

Organic farming originated as a strategy for preserving soil quality and keeping harmful toxins out of the environment, saving the destruction of streams and waterways. Local does not always mean organic. Flowers grown with conventional techniques contaminate groundwater and streams through fertilizer and pesticide run-off, impacting wildlife and human health. 

It's a stark reality that long ago, Americans sourced their flowers from local florists, supporting U.S. farms. Today, approximately 80% of our flowers are imported. This shift has led to the closure of numerous family farms, and the trend continues.

Enjoy the beauty and the comfort of knowing your flowers are locally grown, certified organic, biodynamic, and grown and harvested with love. Every aspect of our flower program is intentional, responsible, and ethical.

Why Organic?

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