We are continually humbled by and grateful for those who have and those who continue to support and volunteer on the farm.



We call you a volunteer and suggest you not do this if you are looking at the hours compared to the cost. We look at it as "we are all in this together, doing something good for the right reason." Our volunteers who participate in our volunteer for veggies program do this because they want to; they would have worked here anyway so the veggies really become a perk...a bonus for helping out.

Volunteer for Veggies


Volunteer for Veggies is pretty simple. Do you have an extra hour or two? Come on out! We provide the task, and you provide the labor. You work at least an hour or up to four hours. Dress for the weather. Bring a water bottle, food, sunscreen, gloves, hat, and anything else you need. When you are finished, you shop for veggies at our farm stand. Not always, but sometimes, we offer other items to those who Volunteer for Veggies. 

1 hour = $6 worth of veggies 

2 hours= $12 worth of veggies 

3 hours = $18 worth of veggies 

4 hours= $25 worth of veggies.

Whole families with children of all ages are welcome to volunteer here on the farm. When specifically working for the "Volunteer for Veggies" program, those who are 14 and under are not eligible for the "trade."


  • We ask that you complete the Volunteer Form when you'd like to come out the the farm. Doing so allows us to plan ahead to ensure we are able to best apply our efforts given the many projects taking place on the farm and the weather of the day you'd like to come out.

  • After completing the Volunteer Form we will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) via your preferred contact method and confirm your appointment.

  • The farm is open Monday - Saturday. The hours we can accommodate volunteers fluctuates with the season. In the summer we recommend working between the hours of 6 A.M. - 11 A.M. or 5 P.M. - 8 P.M. to avoid the heat of midday.

  • You can just show up, but we may not have a task for you.

  • Please know that this can be hard work in large, dirty, hot, cold, windy, muddy, weedy fields and greenhouses. The tasks in general are-but definitely not limited to: weeding, watering, planting, shoveling holes, dirt, manure, or compost, harvesting, lifting, loading in or out, feeding, and watering animals.  We attempt to find a task that you are capable of handling and will enjoy. No job is more or less important than another job.


  • Committing to 4 hours once a week on the same day gives you the opportunity to do more, to learn the different tasks and get good at them which helps us more too. If you cannot do the same time or day, no worries; the task is just more mundane, i.e., you might just be weeding every time or scooping poop!


  • How often you can volunteer depends on your experience on other farms or gardening programs, availability, willingness to learn, and how easy you are to work with and demonstrate an “it’s about the farm, not about me” attitude because if it’s about me/you, there will be no farm.​


  • If you have a skill, an idea, or something to offer that you feel would help the farm, let us know what your idea is.

If you are an individual who needs community service hours. 

If you are an organization or group that wants to volunteer or needs community service hours.

Please contact Red Acre Center 

Call or Text 435-704-1222 or email


Red Acre Center 

our non-profit sister organization hosts a once-a-month volunteer opportunity on the farm.


We have a volunteer program, a WWOOF opportunity, and an intern program. If you want information about one of these opportunities, please contact us:,

call, or text (435) 865-6792