Meet the Crew


Sara G Patterson


Owner, farmer, chef,  advocate, public speaker, dreamer, and doer.

I love life and mine has been an adventure full of twists and turns. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, and was infatuated with the family garden, the few chicks we had, and anything to do with being outside. Moving to rural Southern  Utah at the age of 10  would change my life forever. I started collecting livestock and growing and selling produce. I officially started Red Acre Farm, a CSA with 4 shareholders at 14, and founded Red Acre Center with my Mom at the age of 20.  Here we are today and I embrace farming, cooking,  advocating for the local food movement, sharing my journey, and building community with more passion than ever.  

Symbria Patterson


Co-owner of the farm. Sara's mom and sometimes the crew's too.

I wear many hats around here. Watching Sara's tenacity with Lynn, my late husband, we saw the possibilities and helped her to start building the farm. As her experience grew, so did her vision, we started another adventure, while continuing the first, and founded Red Acre Center in the midst of farming. I have never worked a day in my life. I always find myself engaged in a cause and loving what I do! The mother of four and grandmother of eight, I  love to, take long walks, read, farm, eat good food, and be anxiously engaged in a good cause. 


TK Kern


Director of Botanical Affiars

After spending ten years working as a software engineer, I slowly began to confront the impacts of rising technology on the environment and culture, as well as my mental, physical, and spiritual health. After the conclusion of a software project in 2017, I questioned whether a keyboard was the best tool for me to make my greatest contribution to the world.

I had been a volunteer on the farm for over a year and decided to “apply” for the Farm Manager position Sara was searching to fill; she never did look at my resume. I’ve worn many hats here over the years: gardener, web developer, photographer, label maker, donut frier, and some others I won't mention here. My current and preferred hat is the Director of Botanical Affairs – I care for the crops, build greenhouses, order seeds, spread compost, prepare and apply biodynamic preparations, coordinate volunteers, defend plants from animals (wild and otherwise), and attempt to care for our trees and myriad of ornamentals.

When I’m not at the farm I’m usually with my wife Brandi preparing and preserving the harvest, making herbal remedies, reading, cycling, hiking, meditating, doing yoga, or listening to records.

Grace Owen

I started working at Red Acre this Summer because I wanted to learn more about sustainability and I love being outdoors! I work part time so when I’m not at the farm I am playing softball for SUU, teaching skills to the younger generation of softball players, and working on my degree in History with a minor in Sociology. I enjoy all things outdoors, cooking (with produce from the farm of course!), and spending time with my family.

Audrey Chernoch 


I started volunteering at Red Acre when we moved to Cedar City in 2020. In 2008, I watched my mom heal from cancer through lifestyle choices so I’m really passionate about quality food. I have experience in health education and corporate wellness prior to our move west, but I never worked with food in this way. I was hoping to get my hands dirty and be part of growing the food we would eat. I am constantly amazed at all Sara, Symbria and TK make happen here. Now I mostly help in the office and with the center but I enjoying helping out in the fields when they let me.

Josey White


From the softball field and now to fields on the farm, my life has revolved around playing in dirt.


I’ve always had a passion for being outdoors and since moving to Cedar City in 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to call myself a ski & snowboard instructor and now a farm hand! 


Needless to say, the farm is like my home away from home AND I get to play in dirt all day long!

Hello, my name is Sarah!


During high school I worked on a small farm in California, igniting my love for the farm life. Moving to Utah I discovered Red Acre and knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. My love of agriculture and animals has helped to keep me grounded and given me perspective. I am a student at SUU where I am majoring in agriculture education. On the farm I get to spend my time in the kitchen baking for events and the farm stand. In my free time I love spending time in nature with my fiancé and my family.

Paul Chernoch 


I was first introduced to Red Acre Farm through my wife who was volunteering at the time. After helping finish a hoop house, I was interested in volunteering some more. The next thing I knew I was prepping a bed and the rest is history. I decided to stick around the farm and bug Sara and Symbria, and they still manage to put up with my shenanigans. I enjoy the manual labor involved at the farm. I get a lot of satisfaction and appreciation from the hard work and faith put into nurturing and growing plants and taking care of animals. This farm is a humbling and rewarding experience that I'm truly glad to be a part of.

Brandi Kern 


I fell in love with Red Acre Farm at the Farmers Market in 2016. We joined the CSA and began volunteering with my husband, TK. We were passionate about eating locally produced and high-quality food and started home canning and fermenting as we got more involved with the farm. In 2021, I suddenly left my long-term employment managing a retail pet store to pursue a dream. Mindful Canine. Mindful Canine continues to grow and leaves little time for much else. I  cherish and love the farm. I take care of the Airbnb/ farm stay and help with events. Local and healthy farm food will always be the foundation of my lifestyle, and I look forward to many more years of involvement with the farm! Red Acre is a second home and family, and I hope always to have a role on the farm. 

Jasmine Hailstone

Sweet is the one word for this girl. In the kitchen,  and our singing milkmaid. She is our only crew member that milks the cow and the goats. We appreciate her passion for a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Matt Jackson

Our ginger, a gentle giant, comes every morning to feed and water the animals and do a few extra chores if he is up to it.

"Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless."

Through the years we have had Woofers, interns, and hundreds of volunteers. 

There are those who come alone, some in groups, and some as entire families. Some are here for only an hour but stay in our hearts forever. There are the few we count on showing up at the same time and day every week for years, there are those who just show up randomly, and there are those who leave and later return. We also have what we call angels. Just when we think we will not be ready for an event, or we need to cover crops before a freeze, or just when there is an impossible task, someone will show up and literally save us. 

The farm and all it does and offers to this community would not be possible without volunteers.  We know that and we love and appreciate them and every minute of time that they have ever given.



Boss lady, Mouser, and lap warmer