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 How We Grow 

With less confidence in food labeling, and SO much conflicting information out there, consumers have even more responsibility to know where, when, and how their food was produced—a feat made much easier by personally knowing your farmer.

We grow vegetables, herbs, and some fruit year-round on our 2-acre farm. 


Always tend the smallest amount of land possible but tend it exceptionally well. We see our farm as an organism—a living whole, we work with the farm, and the farm works with us. 


We use organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices. We adopt whatever practice is best, subscribing to the adage, " It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something." (Franklin Delano Roosevelt.) We are a constant student of what practice of agriculture that will be best for us, our land, the planet, and for future generations to come. We have been but are not currently Demeter biodynamic certified.


Simple and efficient, unheated high tunnels built here on the farm allow us to grow year-round. There are vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and claytonia that prefer to grow in the cool seasons. Not only do they tolerate cold conditions, but temperatures well below freezing, and they actually thrive and are sweeter, tender, and more flavorful.



Our water is untreated well water from deep in the earth. We use a fraction of the water consumed by conventional farming methods by using a drip-irrigation system that uses hoses to place just enough water directly at the plants' roots. It also protects the plants from disease resulting from too much moisture.


We promote a healthy farm organism through composting, cover crops, a diverse crop rotation, compost teas, and biodynamic preparations. We never use chemical or synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We do a lot of work by hand. We are a no-till farm. Fertility and our soil are the foundation of everything we do.


We do not buy or bring in any fertilizer. We make all our compost with organic matter from here on the farm. Sure we love the sweet milk that comes from feeding our dairy goats and milk cow only organic alfalfa, but the real reason they are here is for the manure they produce. We inoculate our compost with herbal biodynamic preparations and fondly call this "pile" the Fertility Goddess.



We use a variety of seeds: saved, heirloom, biodynamic, organic, certified organic, and open-pollinated. We never use GMO (genetically modified) seeds.


As a small farm, we have the advantage of growing produce for exceptional qualities of aroma, flavor, color, and texture. Varieties of produce grown for supermarkets are selected for their bounce-ability, shipping ability, and extended shelf life. When you eat our veggies, you can taste the difference, and it’s all due to good growing practices and a little love and attention from the farmer. 

Food Miles

We continue to support local food systems and strive to build a strong local food economy. All our produce is bought and sold within a 45-mile radius of the farm. "Residents of neighborhoods with more local businesses log 26 percent fewer automobile miles. Locally owned businesses make more local purchases—requiring less transportation—which generally means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution" (source).

Sustainable Connections


We strive to be totally transparent. Come see for yourself. Anyone is welcome to visit the farm 6 days a week during business hours.

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