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We're looking for crew members from spring-fall of 2024. 

Options for just the season or year-round, full or part-time.

If you are physically fit, flexible, hardworking, and willing to tackle any work task with a positive attitude, this could be for you. Farming can be unpredictable and repetitive. You need to be able to focus and sometimes do the same task repeatedly and pay attention to detail. Days can be long, and there is always more to do than can get done. We are a small crew and we each wear a lot of hats based on our individual strengths. The farm is open to the public, and we have events every week. You must be good with the public, our customers, CSA members, and volunteers. We work and play hard. We enjoy the perks:  good conversation,  a community that cares, great food, and the privilege to be outside on a biodynamic, organic farm working with this living organism every single day.



  • Even if you are only applying for a part-time position, in May - September you must be available Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and one Sunday a month.

  • Positions are flexible, but consistent, ranging from 10 - 40 hours per week.

  • If you're interested in a full-time position, be aware that this will occasionally consist of 12-hour days.

  • The start date would be the spring of 2024.

  • Fall hire could possibly stay and work year-round.

  • Pay based on experience with a two-week paid trial period.

  • Benefits include a share of the harvest, based on living situation, experience, and commitment.

  • On-farm housing is not available.

Duties may include:

  • Harvest Tasks: The high season is June - September and is what we do most of all Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Weather-dependent, we begin before Sunrise and continue at a fast pace throughout the day. You will harvest a variety of crops, wash, package, and get ready for CSA pick-up, the farm stand, and the farmer's market.

  • Wash/Pack Tasks: Washing vegetables, weighing crops, bagging, bunching, labeling packaging, organizing the walk-in cooler, and more

  • Field Tasks: bed preparation, planting, transplanting, irrigation, pruning/trellising, removing old crops, cultivation, row cover/landscape fabric management, sifting compost, applying biodynamic preparations, managing season extension, pest management, and more.

  • Animal Tasks: feeding, watering, possibly milking if you have experience, collecting and washing eggs, fixing fences, moving animals, cleaning out pens, and more.

  • Event Tasks: greeting people, setting up, cleaning up, kitchen duties, cashiering, serving, running errands, and more.

If this speaks to you, please fill out an application and text or call 435-865-6792. It may take a week or two for us to get back to you, but you will hear from us! We ask that you schedule a time to come out and volunteer to get to know us and the farm before we schedule an interview. We'll send you home with vegetables as a thank you for your time.

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