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pie of the month club

We love making pies with what is in season. We don’t just make pie – these handcrafted beauties do not come in a flimsy aluminum throw away pie pan – they come in a real 9″ glass pie dish. Our pies are all made on the farm by the farmer and made with the very best ingredients.


If we did not grow the ingredients ourselves we sourced them as locally as we could from the smallest farms possible. So every slice is wickedly good.

One delicious seasonal pie every month!
Flavors range from nostalgic classic apple to honey lavender. You’ll discover new and unique flavors that perfectly express each season. Each pie is available only for that season.

You can pick up the pie at the farm or we can ship it to you, delivered right to your door every month.


Winter Pie

Chocolate Pecan
Grapefruit Custard Pie

Cranberry Orange

Spring Pie

Strawberry Chamomile
Black Bottom Lemon Chess
Lavender Honey Custard

Summer Pie

Sweet Cherry Strudel
Ginger Apricot
Peaches & Cream

Fall Pie

Pear Anise
Salted Caramel Apple
Black Bottom Pumpkin

We do not promise what pie will be made in what month because we want to make sure the fruit is fresh and at the peak of ripeness.

You will receive 12 different pies with a recipe card enclosed for inspiration.

Subscription is billed monthly for 12 months – you can start any month during the year.


If you need to move your pickup or shipping week we are happy to do it for a small fee of $5.

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