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Lettuce Head  - 4 Pack

Lettuce Head - 4 Pack



Super dense butterhead lettuce. Resistant to tip burning and bottom rot. Seed sourced from our friends at Grand Prismatic.

Flashly Lightning Butter-Oak

A quick heading butter with compact dark green oak leaves, flashy-splashed with dark red, that becomes a beautiful pink in the big blanched heart. First flashes into a unique mini-head, then folds into a dense butter-heart before bolting. Teen-rated very low on bitterness. 

Lava Lamp Romaine

Part of the retro romaine scene you won't want to miss...convections of red and yellow in high contrast hearts of romaine. Includes 'Crisp Mint' in the parentage, which comes through in the crunch. Best at full maturity, remains non-bitter even at onset of bolting. 

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