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Pepper - Hot

Pepper - Hot


Early Jalapeno

A good ol' jalapeno. If you know, you know.

Highlander (Hybrid)

TK loves these and they remind him of his childhood and mother who was raised in New Mexico where Hatch anaheim peppers are prolific on menus and inspired much of her home cooking. 

Hot Paper Lantern 

Not your traditional habanero - red and oblong, but just as hot and delicious. 

Italian Pepperoncini

A popular, thin, little pickling pepper, this heirloom comes from southern Italy. The 3-5-inch fruit has a superb flavor and heat. Small plants.


One of the most popular chilis in Mexico! 3- to 6-inch heart-shaped fruit is usually of gentle heat. Used green, after roasting and peeling, it is the classic pepper for chili rellenos. 


Bastan (Hybrid)

Early and adaptable poblano pepper. Sturdy, upright plants produce high yields of uniform, 5" smooth, mostly two-lobed fruits. Excellent fried, roasted, or in chile rellenos. 

Red Ember (Hybrid)

Not your typical cayenne - we love these cayennes because they're prolific, BIG, and delicious in hot sauce.


The ripe red fruits are 2-3" long and about the diameter of a pencil. They have hot to very hot spiciness and dry very easily on the plant or when picked.

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