Pork Deposit

Pork Deposit


Whole Pork

$944.00 Approximately 130 - 160  lbs at $5.90 per pound.

You pay Approximately  50%: $472 deposit  and the balance when you pick up.


Half Pork

$480 Approximately 65 -80lbs at $6 per pound.  

You pay Approximately  50%: $240 deposit  and the balance when you pick up. 


The exact week and day the meat will be ready will be determined. We will inform you of the exact time of pick up the week-of. For an additional $20 fee, you may pick up your order in St. George. 


We have limited cuts of meat available at the Farm Stand. We have limited individual cuts available you can order from the pre-order menu for a Saturday pick-up. 


Our meat is processed at a USDA inspected butcher, vacuumed sealed in clear packages, each type of cut is labeled on the packaging and can be frozen for at least up to a year. 


Cuts from a half of a Pork

  • Bulk Breakfast Sausage (or Ground Pork) 5 pkgs avg. 1 lb = 5 lbs

  • Bacon (Pork Belly) 8 pkgs avg .75-1.0 lb = 7.5 lbs

  • Ham Hocks 1 pkg 1.75 lbs

  • Ham Slices (steaks 1/3? thick) 5 pkgs. 1.5 lbs = 8.5 lbs

  • Hams ( Cured Leg Roasts) 2 pkgs 4lbs and 5 lbs = 9 lbs Ham OR

  • Roasts 4 pkgs avg. 3.5 lbs = 14.0 lbs If you order fresh Roasts you will not get hams slices or hocks . Instead you will have an extra roast or two.

  • Spare Ribs 2 pkgs avg. 1.75 lbs = 3.5 lbs

  • Bone-in Chops 1” 10-12 pkgs avg. 1 lb = 12 lbs

  • Tenderloin 1 pkg avg. 1 lb = 1 lb

  • Soup Bones 1 pkg avg. 2 lbs = 2 lbs


– The breakfast sausage is  free of MSG, BHA, and BHT preservatives! Maple Kissed Sage and it is delicious!

  • Freezer space: When calculating freezer space, allow for 1 cubic foot/30-35 lbs of meat. (A whole pork requires 4-5 cubic feet.) Chest freezers generally utilize space better than upright freezers.Pork comes packaged small enough to serve two people. (Pork chops come two per package.) If you are serving more than two people, you can easily add packages to accommodate the size of your family. All meat is frozen at the butcher and vacuum packaged allowing it to be stored in the freezer for 1 year. Each type of cut is labeled on the packaging.

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