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We at Red Acre Farm, in the pastoral Cedar Valley and the beautiful red dirt of southern Utah, are dedicated to promoting and modeling the small family farm by growing natural foods that sustain our land, our neighbors, and our souls.

For over 20 years we have cultivated at nature’s pace—using natural organic methods— to grow our own produce with enough to share and sell to others. Inspired by the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), we are now in our ninth year of accepting shareholders. We grow over 177 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We use a variety of seeds: saved, heirloom, biodynamic, organic, certified organic, and open pollinated. We never use GMO (genetically modified) seeds.

As a small farm we have the advantage of growing produce for exceptional qualities of aroma, flavor, color and texture. Varieties of produce grown for supermarkets are selected for their bouncibility, shipping ability, and an extended shelf life.

We promote a healthy farm organism through composting, cover crops, crop rotation, and compost teas. We never use herbicides, pesticides, or commercial fertilizer. By utilizing these methods, we can produce food superior to those labeled as “Certified Organic” because of recent changes that allow a certain percentage of non-organic substances to be added in the process of growing certified organic food. With less confidence in food labeled “organic,” consumers have even more responsibility to know where, when, and how their food was produced— a feat made much easier by personally knowing the grower!

When you eat our veggies you can taste the difference, and it’s all due to good growing practices and a little love and attention from the grower. Our water is untreated well water from deep in the earth. We use a fraction of the water consumed by conventional farming methods. Using a drip-irrigation system that uses hoses to place just enough water directly at the plants roots. It also protects the plants from disease resulting from too much moisture.

Our chickens are happy! They free range and are fed a custom blend of whole and fresh-cracked 6-grain with no animal by-products. We never give them antibiotics or hormones. Their eggs are fertile, and they drink from untreated well water. This fresh, active diet is not only better for the chickens it’s better for you.  To learn more about how pasture-raised eggs are healthier for you, click here.

We would love for you to join with us in the adventures of farming!

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